Washington, DC

Larry Dubin reports, “I met a woman named Diana at a church where I spoke in Baltimore. Twenty years ago, Diana was an executive in New York City. She was one of thousands who saw a Jew for Jesus distributing literature in the subway system. She accepted a gospel tract. The Holy Spirit used that broadside to help her understand that she was a sinner and she needed the Savior. She came to faith in Jesus. It is such a pleasure when, years later, God allows us to meet brothers and sisters who were genuinely touched by the street aspect of our ministry without our ever knowing it.”

New York

Petr Barbatunov reports, “I tried for over three months to contact Taya, but she was impossible to reach by phone. So one day I just dropped by and to my surprise, she happened to be home waiting for a plumber. She invited me in and was very open. She had a pretty good question; she wanted to know what would change in her life if she believed in Him. We had a great conversation and in the end she received Jesus as her Savior!”

Fort Lauderdale

Stan Meyer reports, “Ellie, a Jewish believer in Jesus, invited me to her home to meet her (Jewish) friend Helene. They had met at the nearby water aerobics center and Ellie had shared the gospel with Helene. When I arrived I found not just Ellie and Helene but two other Jewish believers, making the meeting an unscheduled group Bible study. After the study, Helene asked, ‘How can I have this relationship the Scriptures talk about?’ She prayed with the whole group to receive Y’shua and is eager to learn more.”


David Tsadok reports, “I went to a sortie (tract-passing expedition) at an international soccer game between Israel and France, and had many conversations with Jewish people. Shmuel, an Orthodox man about 21 years old, was so upset that the Israeli team lost, he took my broadside and said, ‘We need hope to lift our spirits because of the loss.’ I replied, ‘You have it in your hand; Y’shua, the hope of Israel.’

“Shmuel seemed very interested in the hope Y’shua brought, but something stopped him from giving his details to hear more. He said, ‘I will keep the pamphlet and call you back. Two days later he did call and heard the gospel again, but still did not want to meet to open the Bible with me. Please pray for Shmuel, that God will help him overcome whatever obstacle prevents him from following through on the interest he has shown.”


Ilya Khaimovich reports, “I thank God for Lev, who prayed with one of our missionaries years ago to receive Jesus. Since then, I am the third Jews for Jesus missionary to meet with Lev, and recently I talked to him about my concern that he has never been baptized. When I told him that every believer in Y’shua needs to enter into covenant with God through baptism, he respectfully avoided the subject, as he probably has done with others in the past. So I was delighted when I recently learned that he was taking a pre-baptism course at church. I talked to Lev and asked him how he had changed his mind. He explained that God had opened his heart to the importance of the issue, and he wanted to follow the call of the Most High. Please pray that Lev will grow strong, for improved health, and for the blessing of the upcoming baptism.”