Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, While on a sortie at Venice Beach, a young girl approached me and asked for a broadside (tract). I let her know with a smile that I could not give her one without her parents’ permission. She pointed to her dad who was standing 30 feet away. He nodded with approval as I indicated with an inquisitive look that I wanted to know if it was all right to give her the tract. I asked him to come over as I handed his daughter the tract. That is how I met “Asher” (not his real name), a Jewish man who was interested in getting together to discuss Jesus’ claims. We began meeting weekly at his country house to talk about the gospel and read Scripture together. Asher wanted to believe in God’s salvation but was struggling with the issue of Jesus as Lord of his life. Like most people, Asher was afraid of losing control. But praise God, after several meetings, Asher gave his life to the Lord. He is eager to share his new-found faith with his daughter and excited about what lies ahead. We have been meeting regularly for discipleship and I am encouraging him to be involved in a Bible-believing congregation. Please pray for Asher as he struggles with the many challenges new Jewish believers in Jesus face.”


Dina Markova reports, “Jewish evangelism is a process that involves sowing, watering, nurturing and of course, patience and time! It’s always a special joy when we see the Lord work, step by step, in the lives of those to whom we bring the Good News. ‘Natasha’ is just such a person. She came from a neighboring city to our Shabbat Bible study in Essen. She said that she had been receiving our literature for a long time and found it very interesting. I decided to see just how deep her interest really went. ‘After everything you’ve read, what do you think about Jesus—do you believe He’s the Messiah of Israel?’ She simply replied that she would like to know more. We began meeting regularly to investigate Yeshua’s claims by examining the Scriptures. Weeks later, after one of our weekly Bible studies, Natasha came to me and said that she was ready to receive Yeshua into her life! And so we prayed together, and Natasha invited Jesus to be her Lord. Immediately after her prayer, she said, ‘I would like to pray for my husband Sergei. He is very interested in the Bible but he does not know how to turn to God.’ And so we prayed for Sergei’s repentance, that God would reveal to him His truth about salvation. Please pray that Natasha will follow Yeshua with all of her heart, and that her husband will soon follow her in the faith.”


Vanessa Hale, our office administrator, reports, “Witnessing encounters can happen anywhere and anytime during the course of our often ordinary days. Recently, I went to collect our newsletters from the folding company. As I reversed my car up the ramp to load the boot (trunk), a Jewish man was watching me. As I began loading the Jews for Jesus newsletters, he came over and began helping me put the bundles into my boot! I thanked him and moved my car so he could load his vehicle as well. I noticed that he was picking up brochures for his synagogue. So I in turn helped him load his bundles. As we worked, he asked me what Jews for Jesus believed and I presented the gospel message to him. He said that his children went to a Christian school and that he admired Christianity because it stresses a relationship with God. We had a great discussion in the middle of an ordinary errand. I praise God for this divine appointment; please pray with me for him and his family.”


Valera Bolotov reports, “My wife and I were visiting a new Jewish believer named Rosa. At the end of the visit, her grandson, Rostislav, came into the room. He attends synagogue regularly and studies the Torah, but he’s recently become very interested in the gospel. He asked me, ‘Why does Matthew call Jesus by the name Emmanuel?’ So we opened the Bible once again and spoke about Yeshua (Jesus). Rostislav doesn’t believe in Yeshua yet, but he’s looking for the truth. Please pray that his search will be successful and that he’ll receive the joy of salvation.”