February 2006 Newsletter (5766:6)

Loving the Unknown
February 1, 2006

We don’t generally suggest that people declare their love for the Jews as an opening to share their faith.* It would be easy for the hearer of that declaration to misunderstand the sentiment and misconstrue the motives. Or, more likely, they might dismiss the...

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The BYG* Pic

*Behold Your God. This month we have Behold Your God campaigns going on in three winter warm spots: Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix. This is high season for snow birds” (those escaping harsh winter conditions in other parts of the country) and we hope to...

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The Power of Love
Author: Greg Savitt

If you know anyone who is recovering from an addiction you may have heard the term higher power.” This is exactly the term that Bob (not his real name) used when he dropped by our office on his lunch break. One of the blessings of our office in Fort Lauderdale...

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The Power of Partnership
Author: Karol Joseph

I’ve been a missionary for over 15 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how often God uses me in partnership with a believing brother or sister to introduce a Jewish person to his/her Messiah. I recently had the opportunity to experience that again. Not long...

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Jews, Valentine’s Day and the Gospel
Author: Ruth Rosen

I was surprised to learn that in some Jewish institutions, such as homes for the aged, the holiday is referred to as heart day” or “love day.” I’ve never really thought of Valentine’s Day as a “Christian holiday” but...

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