I never imagined the melting pot of my life experiences would eventually pour me into San Francisco to take a full-time position with Jews for Jesus. I didn’t plan for it, but God did!

First, God was gracious and wonderful to give me an awesome grandmother who taught me about Jesus. My personal relationship with Him began when I was five years old. I studied performing arts at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, NY. I worked for a while as a circus performer and eventually settled in Louisville, Kentucky, where I taught preschool.

Telling people about Jesus is a passion for me, and I have a particular burden for Jewish people to hear the gospel. I began witnessing online in chatrooms and frequently found myself teamed with a man named Moishe Rosen. I also met another cyber-missionary, Chad Elliot. They introduced me to the ministry of Jews for Jesus.

I learned about the Co-Laborer in Messiah program, which trains Jews for Jesus volunteers. I trained for the program under Cecilia Butcher in Chicago in 2001. Cecilia was a Co-Laborer for five years before joining the staff as Jews for Jesus’ full-time CLIMCO (Co-Laborer in Messiah Coordinator), a position she held for 17 years!

During the training, I was also recruited for my first Jews for Jesus witnessing campaign. After the Chicago campaign (just one month after Co-Laborer training) I was hooked. I have since campaigned in Tampa, Atlanta, St. Louis, New York, Toronto and Houston!

I was not the only Co-Laborer who wasn’t content to participate in just one campaign—Co-Laborers have become a vital part of the Behold Your God outreaches, both as campaigners and stewards. But you don’t have to travel to distant cities or even hand out tracts to be a Co-Laborer.

God used the Jews for Jesus Co-Laborer in Messiah program in my life to broaden my spiritual horizon in my ten-year home town of Louisville. Representing Jews for Jesus in my community enabled me to help Christians pray for and reach out to Jewish people. I’ve had numerous opportunities to speak to pastors, churches and Bible study groups and provide them with helpful materials. Plus, Jewish people in my community were alerted to the ministry of Jews for Jesus. Heads turned and eyes stared when a fellow Co-Laborer and I handed out broadsides to people going to parades, street fairs or the racetrack. We’ve offered tracts to people from all walks of life, including government officials, celebrities, street sweepers and hot dog vendors. Co-Laborers know that whoever glances at Jews for Jesus T-shirts will think about Jesus that day.

When the joy of the Lord moves you to tell others about His salvation, that joy becomes contagious and others want to be involved. Co-Laborers inspire others to share the Good News of Jesus. The Lord has drawn both Jews and Gentiles to Himself through Co-Laborers who have made themselves available as tools in His hands. Co-Laboring isn’t just volunteer work; it’s a way to serve and worship the Lord.

Co-Laborers have tremendous freedom in the type of ministry they do. Many of us are prayer warriors for Jews for Jesus. Our homes are often places of rest for traveling missionaries.

Co-Laborers have also done a great deal of witnessing to people online in chatrooms, thanks to the inspiration and guidance of founder Moishe Rosen who sees chatrooms as the street corners of today.

With grateful hearts and applauding hands, Co-Laborers are thankful to God for the guidance and care He provided through Cecilia Butcher, who has recently retired (and has rejoined the ranks of our Co-Laborers as a volunteer). God used Cecilia to launch many people into ministry. Whether on the front lines or behind the scenes, Cecilia gave us the tools we needed.

This past June, Cecilia passed the baton to me as the new CLIMCO. Nobody can replace Cecilia. But God has a plan for us Co-Laborers, and with Him at our side, I know we are headed for more spiritual adventures.

By God’s grace, mercy and guidance, it is my hope to see the Co-Laborer in Messiah program soar to new heights through prayer warrior groups and evangelism in big cities as well as small towns. We will aim to glorify God and make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue everywhere there is a Co-Laborer in Messiah chapter, and beyond.

Interested in being a Co-Laborer with Jews for Jesus? We are looking for people who have: a love for Jesus, a desire to see people saved, a willing heart and a God-given motivation to serve Him.

We have an application process and candidates are required to go through a week of extensive training in the summer. When accepted, candidates become official Co-Laborers, and they open chapters of Jews for Jesus in their communities.

If you want to know more, I would love to hear from you. Contact:

Francoise Edwards
Co-Laborer Coordinator
[email protected]


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Francoise Edwards | San Francisco

Church Relations Scheduling Agent

Francoise has a passion to see the gospel go out to Jewish people and has been involved with Jews for Jesus in various capacities since 1998. She currently schedules for parts of Florida, (central, panhandle & north), AL, GA, South Indiana, KY, LA, MS, and Tennessee.

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