New York

Missionary Larry Stamm reports, I was on a phone visit with an unsaved Jewish man, also named Larry. Larry has attended an Orthodox synagogue for High Holy Days on an annual basis, yet in recent years he has also attended Catholic church with friends. Larry was very open to hearing about Jesus being the Jewish Messiah! We read some Bible passages together and I explained the Jewishness of the gospel and believing in Jesus. Larry then prayed to receive the Lord! Praise God! Pray for Larry to grow and be established in the faith as we continue studying the Bible.”

Los Angeles (via Israel)

Branch leader Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “When I fly to Israel it is usually a 23-hour trip. This last trip took 38 hours! It began with a security breach on the plane at LAX; then there were problems with connections, not to mention serious engine trouble that delayed us for five hours. There was not much I could do except invite the Lord to be in control of everything, including me. As a result, I had the opportunity to help Eli, a fellow passenger and new Israeli friend, get a seat on the late night flight out of Frankfurt. Almost everyone else had to wait more than 24 hours for the next available flight.

“Eli is about my age and works as a business management consultant for a respected Israeli firm. He asked me about my ‘business’ so I gladly told him. It turns out that Eli’s father was a Holocaust survivor and an architect who designed synagogues. In 1962 he met a Christian architect and concluded that there was something to the gospel, though he couldn’t see it as a Jewish belief. Eli remembered that as I told him I work with Jews for Jesus and he pulled out his business card and asked me to send him some information, and to keep in touch. I gave him my Jews for Jesus card. He tucked it into his pocket saying, ‘Very interesting.’ Later I sent him some info by e-mail as a start.

“God brings good out of all circumstances, always—and there is more to come for Eli, I am sure.”

Tel Aviv

Shlomy reports, “Hallelujah! We are so happy! We invited my mother to a believers’ function and she not only came, but also went forward at the altar call. For ten years she has heard of Messiah from me. She has asked for prayer for her own health as well as my dad’s, in Jesus’ name. She has seen God answer various prayers for family members over the years. In particular, last year my niece was having severe emotional problems. We asked our supporters to pray for her; they did and she was restored! That touched my mother’s heart for the Lord. Please pray that she may grow in Messiah and have boldness to share with my father. Our faith is refreshed by leaps and bounds over this!”


Outreach worker Sveta Kotlomina reports, “Inna is a 57-year-old Jewish woman. I came to her home to visit and the first thing she said was, ‘I belong to Judaism! I attend synagogue! I don’t believe in Jesus! I don’t recognize the New Testament!’ Nevertheless, she turned out to be hospitable. After I shared my personal story with her she went to her bed, took a Bible from under her pillow and announced, ‘I’ve been reading it!’ We began opening Scripture passages, and I constantly asked her, ‘Who is this talking about?’ And she answered every time, ‘About Jesus!’

“She then told me, ‘When I first read Isaiah 53, I clearly saw that it talks about Jesus. I went to a rabbi, and he said that the chapter was about Israel! I told him, ‘I can see that it talks about Jesus!’ But he repeated, ‘About Israel!’ Please pray for Inna as she reads the Bible, that the Lord will strengthen her in the Truth.”