February 2004 Newsletter (5764:6)

You Are Not Alone
February 1, 2004

You Are Not Alone,” read the subject line of a recent email. It was a response to a letter I wrote titled “The War on Jewish Evangelism.” The letter highlighted disturbing trends regarding Jewish evangelism in various sectors of the church. While...

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Ten Reasons Why I Never Bathe

You may have seen this one on the Internet, but we were just imagining what would happen if people tried avoiding bathing with the same excuses they use for avoiding church. I was forced to bathe as a child. People who bathe are hypocrites; they think they are cleaner...

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Israel Tour

It is that time again! Pastor Lon Solomon is preparing to lead his 25th tour to Israel. Many of you know that Pastor Solomon is a Jewish believer in Jesus who has been serving on our Board of Directors since 1987. We always have readers inquiring about tours and are...

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Jews for Jesus in Dnepropetrovsk

From time to time you see the city of Dnepropetrovsk mentioned in our Bits from the Branches. We’ve reported on evangelistic campaigns there as well. Now we’d like to introduce you to this small, but very active missionary branch in the heart of Ukraine....

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Jews for Jesus…For the Nations

Profile of Bernard Jean Bettelheim 1811-1870 When you think of Japan, you probably don’t think of Jewish people. And when you think of missionaries to Japan, well, again Jewish people probably do not come to mind. But a Jewish believer in Jesus named Bernard...

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In Praise of Small Churches
Author: Moishe Rosen

Lately I have been wondering about the relationship between the size of a church and how effective that church is. Of course that depends on many things, but my opportunities to minister in some 4,000 different churches since 1956 have helped me gain a somewhat...

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Bits from the Branches

Toronto Cold calling” is the term for telephoning someone we have not met or been referred to in order to see if they are willing to hear more about Jesus. That is how we met a Jewish woman named Karen, who indeed wanted to know more, during the Behold Your God...

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