Allen Abrahamson, one of our co-laborers, is also one of the ring leaders” of what has become our unofficial Portland branch. A group of BYG campaigners from the area have continued to fellowship with one another and have regular evangelistic outreaches. Four months after the Portland campaign we received this report:

“While on a sortie during BYG Portland last June I heard someone shout from his truck window, ‘Ma shlomka?’ I clearly recognized the modern Hebrew greeting. (ed: literally means “how is your peace” but is customarily understood as “how are you?”). I also recognized the voice as that of Roman, a Jewish man who I knew from work. Roman parked his truck, came over and said, ‘God must be trying to tell me something! I keep seeing Jews for Jesus vans around the city. We must get together.’ He gave me his contact information and we have been meeting on and off ever since.

“Three weeks ago Roman started a Bible study with me using a booklet, Yeshua Challenge Part II written by Derek Leman and published by Jews for Jesus. When he came to my house today to have lunch and do the Bible study, he walked in the door and announced, ‘I think I’m ready to receive God in my life.’ We sat down, ate and started discussing the Bible study. Roman was very ready to pray to receive Yeshua as his Messiah. How exciting it was for me to write inside the cover of his New Testament, ’10-31-02—received Jesus as Messiah’ and realize what God has done!”


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