While it is Jews for Jesus’ mission to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue we get lots of help from the secular and even the Jewish media. This is particularly true during or just before our Behold Your God campaigns. In 2002, at least 50 articles in Jewish newspapers mentioned Jews for Jesus as a result of these campaigns.

Even articles that slam Jews for Jesus normally contain at least one quote from our staff that gives the gospel and when they don’t, our name alone is still a strong statement for the Lord. Sometimes when God is working in Jewish people’s hearts, all they need to pursue an interest in Jesus is to see our name. (See last month’s newsletter article titled Every Knock is Still a Boost”)

One Connecticut paper showed a photograph of our Survivor Stories billboard complete with our phone number for seekers! But we were absolutely astounded by an article printed in The Jewish Journal before BYG Los Angeles. This article had a large sidebar titled “What Jews for Jesus believe,” which laid out our entire statement of faith! Perhaps the intent was to show that with beliefs like ours we are not real Jews. But our statement of faith clearly explains the gospel—and we could not have paid any amount of money to get that paper to print such a statement for us.

Please pray for God to continue using the media to raise the issue of His salvation plan!


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