Fearful of family

Joshua Turnil reports, Salomon lives in France, but was born and raised in Jerusalem. He gave Jonathan Bernd (another missionary) his contact information, adding, ‘I would gladly believe in Jesus if you show me in the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) how He fulfilled the prophecies.’ I spoke to him and confirmed he was open and searching for God. He has received our literature and the gospel of Matthew, but his wife and kids, who are very religious, have pressured him into throwing it all away. He agreed to receive some literature in Hebrew so his family wouldn’t notice. Please pray Salomon finds Jesus, despite family opposition. And pray for the many who are like Salomon—attracted to Jesus but fearful of the consequences—that God will give them the grace to step out in courage.”

Mexico City

Sanitation man receives clean soul

Steve Kaplan reports, “During a morning sortie (tract-passing expedition) in the metro, Horacio, one of the sanitation officers kept circling, observing what I was doing. When the people-traffic slowed down, he approached me and I gave him a tract. I talked to him and asked him if he wanted to receive Jesus in his heart. He smiled and said yes!”

A sister’s prayer answered

Claudia reports, “While on a sortie at Insurgentes (a metro station) I approached three young men who seemed to be waiting for someone. I gave each one of them a broadside (tract) and shared the gospel with them in a couple of minutes. One of them told me his sister was a Christian and was praying for his salvation. All three of them prayed with me to receive Jesus in their hearts!”


She saw us all week

Norma Nill reports, “It was a slow noon sortie, when a darkhaired college student named Jenny approached me. She was Jewish but not religious and said that after seeing us around all week, she had decided to find out for herself what we were all about. She listened intently as I explained who Jesus is and she posed a couple more questions. She readily gave me her contact info, plus accepted the Yeshua pamphlet and a New Testament. Although she wasn’t ready to make a decision, Jenny promised to ask God to reveal the truth to her.”

A Jewtheran?

Kristy Welles reports, “A man stopped to talk to me and I learned his father was Jewish and raised him to believe in God but without specific guidance. His mother was Lutheran. The man was currently participating in a Bible study but had serious questions about Yeshua. Before our conversation was over, he prayed with me to receive salvation and he understood that his Jewishness was made complete.”


No coincidence

John Haskins reports, “I was handing out broadsides in front of the Prudential center when a well dressed businessman stopped to talk. I asked who he thought Jesus was and he replied, ‘I have been trying to figure that out.’ His father was Jewish, but John had also spent some time with Jehovah’s Witnesses. He had been trying all his life to find the truth. He explained that earlier in the week he had talked with another Jew for Jesus and was hoping he would find us again to talk. So when he saw me, he had to stop. He then prayed with me to receive Jesus as his Messiah.”

Deer in the headlights?

Garrett Smith reports, “I was at Coolidge Corner when a Jewish man walked by. I asked who he thought Jesus was, and he replied ‘the Messiah’ as he continued walking. That was so unexpected that I was caught like a deer in the headlights for a moment; then I stumbled around and managed to engage him. It seems “P” has read the New Testament but I wasn’t sure if he really knew the Lord or was just on the right track. He didn’t seem interested in discussing things until I asked if he had plans for the High Holiday services.

Then he stopped, said he hadn’t gone in years but would love to. Please pray for P. It just seemed like one of those divine appointments. Since the campaign ended I have met with P several times for Bible study. He is not yet a believer so please keep him in prayer.”


Jews for Jesus minister to Moslems

Donna Buhmeyer reports, “I was handing out tracts at the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, Florida, when I met a young man by the name of Bill. I began to share with him about the love of God and the forgiveness available to all through Christ. He told me he was raised in a Moslem family and I shared John 14:6: ‘Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ Bill received Christ and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Amen!!”


The wrong street led to the Right Way

Olga reports, “While handing out tracts I began to talk to a Jewish man, Alexander. I told him about the love of Jesus and about His salvation. I also told him that every person on this earth should take the opportunity to repent and receive Jesus. When I offered to pray the prayer of repentance with him he agreed. After we prayed, he suddenly said, ‘It was by pure accident that I ended up on this street. I was supposed to go to another street altogether.’ I told him that there are no accidents with God, Who sent him directly to this street to hear the gospel.”

False starts, true interest

Irina Shvets reports, “After talking to a Jewish man who was not open to Jesus, I thought it strange when he left me his name and address. He left but to my surprise, ten minutes later he returned and told me, ‘Lady, I’m sorry, but I have given you a false address and name. I’ve been thinking about what you’ve shared with me and have come to the conclusion that it is not a joke. Would you please write down my correct name and address?’ Thank God, He changes hearts! Please pray for the salvation of this Jewish man, Yuzef.”

Los Angeles

As we speak

Our month-long BYG Los Angeles campaign is just beginning as we write this to you and will have ended just two weeks before you receive this. We will report on the results next month.


Last but not least

As of this writing, we are halfway through our Behold Your God outreach in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. As many of you know, this is an area that is extremely hostile to the gospel, and one in which there is no freedom of religion. Nevertheless, it is a city of at least 25,000 Jewish people. We have not published the exact dates of the campaign in order to protect those involved, and for similar reasons we cannot provide many details even now. But we do stand amazed at what God is doing and can share this much with you. Rather than handing out tracts we have focused this entire outreach on personal evangelistic visits with those who have indicated an interest in the gospel. At this point, campaigners have had visits with 238 people and have seen 93 Jewish people and 21 Gentiles pray to receive Christ! Thank you so much for your prayers! Please continue to pray for these new brothers and sisters and for those courageous people who will continue ministering to them.


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