February 2002 Newsletter (5762:6)

Glad You Asked
February 1, 2002
Author: Moishe Rosen

I have been asked about the Ephraimite movement: Are they Messianic Jews? Is it true that we all have Jewish roots? Is it possible that I (as a Gentile) share in the promises given to Israel?” The Ephraimite movement is similar to a group that was formerly called The Worldwide Church of God, founded and…

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God Chose You!

I frequently meet Christians who exclaim, I wish I were one of the chosen people!” While I appreciate their love of Jewish people, I enjoy pointing out, “If you know Jesus, the Bible says you are one of God’s chosen people.” Then I might add, “Just remember that being chosen has its burdens as well…

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Valentine Divine

Jacob loved Rachel so much that he:

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The BYG Pic

This month begins the second year of Behold Your God outreaches. Operation Behold Your God is our five-year effort to reach every city where 25,000 or more Jewish people live (outside of Israel, where we have a thriving branch). This year we begin with Tampa, Florida. It is the largest of three cities that-along with…

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