Miriam Abramov reports, Max came to our home to fix our personal computer, but God had another repair in mind. Shlomy [Miriam’s husband] spoke with Max for two hours about Yeshua—and Max prayed to receive salvation. Isn’t God great?! Max is already talking about volunteering to help us.”


Sergey Kulakov reports, “I tried to visit a Jewish man I’d met during a sortie, only to be greeted by two women who informed me that I’d been given a wrong address. I excused myself, but as I was walking down the stairs one woman began to ask about Jews for Jesus mailings she had received. It turns out that Emma is Jewish, and has been reading our literature very carefully. She seemed open to the gospel. I believe it was no accident that I had this “wrong address.”

lya Bogomolova reports, “It always inspires me when the Lord lets us see how our broadsides work. I was on a sortie, and as people were rushing by one woman commented, ‘I have so many of these at home!’ I asked, ‘What do you think about the message?’ I was surprised when she stopped, sighed deeply and said: ‘I think that I need to write to Odessa at last to ask for more literature so I can think seriously about it.’ Please pray for Alla.”


Natalie Sachs reports, “I met Rose, a 74-year-old Holocaust survivor, while I was handing out broadsides at Bondi Junction. She agreed to a visit, and the next day I got to know her better. She is an amazing woman who has been studying to become a judge for the last four years. She also works for several charitable organizations. Please pray for her to realize that Jesus has real answers to her questions.”

South Africa

One of our missionaries reports, “I met Frank at a sortie in Yeoville. At first he only wanted to discuss the history of religion and how his father, his brother and he were saved from a German concentration camp. He attended church—but only because he liked the music and because his Christian wife goes. As we studied the Bible together, I began to see Frank’s attitude change. Then my colleagues, Michael Sischy and Eliyah Gould came with me to visit Frank, and their input was helpful. Frank, who seemed so disinterested at the start, is now a believer in Jesus!”

Teresa Sischy reports, “We frequently take our son Eliyah to pre-school in the Jews for Jesus van. This has raised a lot of interest from his pottery teacher, Linda, whose husband is Jewish. One evening we went out to dinner, and Linda and her husband were eating at the same restaurant. On seeing us, and of course the van, they called us over and we had a good discussion with Linda and her husband, who is very involved in Buddhism. We answered some of his questions, and we pray that God will continue to nurture the gospel seeds we sowed.”

New York

Rhonda Gordon reports, “I was handing out tracts in Brooklyn, with Russian Jews yelling at me on one side and Palestinians yelling at me on the other. I asked God to bring along someone who really wanted to know Him. Then I met Cheryl. She had also been praying—that God would help her meet people who could help her get closer to Jesus and teach her about the Bible. Cheryl had a nominal Christian background, and someone had given her a Mormon book, which had confused her. I explained the gospel to her and she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. We will help her find a church in her neighborhood so she can grow in her faith. Praise God for answered prayer!”

Cyril Gordon reports, “I was covering the phones at our office when a 24-year-old Orthodox Jewish man named Moshe called. He had met one of our missionaries on the streets, but did not want to give his phone number because of how his family might respond. Moshe and I talked at length on the phone, and he prayed with me to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior! Please pray for Moshe, as he’s the first one in his family ever to believe in Jesus and he’s cautious about his new faith.