We want to say WE LOVE YOU to:

Our Jewish mothers for teaching us to wear gloves and to button our coats when we go outside, both of which are helpful when we witness during the winter months.

The opposition” who has tried to harass us, intimidate us, frighten us and who (all in all) have made us realize even more that God is real and able to conquer. Even though they opposed, they helped us to grow as Christians and as a ministry by pointing out that ours must be an invincible and relentless love.

Churches, pastors and other Christians who have opened their hearts and homes to us, taught us, accepted us in true Christian spirit and have been examples of the love of Christ.

Christian magazines and radio programs which are a haven of Good News in a world rapidly becoming programmed against the standards of God.

So many people who have worked with us and are now in other places of ministry. We love you for what you left of yourselves with us and the role you had, have and will have in our lives.

The wonderful mothers from churches across the country who have nurtured us, loved us, fed us and scolded us as we toured the country. (They deserve honorary Jewish mother status.)


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