Having received so much from the Church, we in Jews for Jesus want to give something back to our spiritual family. We believe that God has placed us in His Body for a mutual building up of brothers and sisters in Christ.

That is one reason why our Jews for Jesus staff travel far and wide to present programs such as Christ in the Passover” or “Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles.” We love opportunities to share the richness of the Jewish roots of our Christian faith. At the same time, invitations to speak in churches often bring wonderful opportunities to reach unbelievers as well. For example:

Greg Savitt reported, “While I was on my ‘Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles’ tour, a Jewish man named Brian attended one of my presentations. A congregant named Clay had been witnessing to him for an entire year, but Brian had refused his many invitations to attend church. My presentation was an occasion for Clay to extend yet another invitation and, this time, Brian accepted! We met after the service and discussed Jesus at length. A few weeks later, the pastor of the church called to tell me that Brian had said ‘yes’ to Jesus and wanted to get baptized! Please pray for Brian as he is starting to encounter opposition from his unsaved Jewish family members and his wife (a Gentile) who does not know what to think about his new faith.”

Bruce Rapp, the head of our Department of Mobile Evangelism, is usually on the scheduling end of our speaking engagements, so he especially appreciated the opportunity to go on tour telling about “Christ in the Passover.” He reported, “I was setting up the table for a presentation in Fairbanks, Alaska, when Loraine, an unsaved Jewish woman, approached me. We looked up a number of Scripture verses before I started my presentation. She sat in the front row and was attentive throughout the entire demonstration. Afterwards, she lingered as I packed up my materials. I asked Loraine if she believed that Yeshua is the Messiah. She tearfully replied, ‘Yes,’ and I led her in prayer as she asked Jesus to come into her heart. Since then, I’ve been in touch with the pastor by email. Loraine has been attending the church faithfully and even went to their Day of Prayer!”

David Mishkin reported, “I met a Jewish man named Robert at a Chinese Baptist Church in San Francisco. It turned out that Robert’s sister is a Jewish believer who lives on the East Coast and Robert wanted to meet ‘another’ Jew for Jesus. Seeing the presentation publicized in a local newspaper enabled him to do that, and after the service he prayed with me to invite Yeshua into his heart! Praise the Lord!”

Dave Garrett reported, “After my meeting at Faith Lutheran Church in Troy, Michigan, a man named Mark (who had been raised in a Reform Jewish home) approached me to talk. I asked if he could wait for a few minutes until things settled down at my materials table. Unfortunately, that few minutes turned into 45! But Mark’s patience had eternal significance—he prayed to receive the Lord!”

Janie-sue Wertheim reported from Jews for Jesus headquarters, “Susan, a Christian from Scottsdale, Arizona, called our office to learn how to share the gospel with her Jewish son-in-law, Doug. I gave her some pointers and also looked to see if we had a missionary touring the area. Sure enough, Robyn Wilk was in the area, so I called Susan back with Robyn’s itinerary. I also sent Robyn an email with information on how to reach Susan and Doug, noting that Doug seemed very open to the gospel and that she should try to connect with him and set up a visit. About a week later, I received a joyful email message from Robyn saying that she had connected with Doug and he had come to faith in Jesus.”

Josh Sofaer reported, “One of the highlights of every tour is meeting friends who support our work, and even better is meeting someone who came to the Lord through Jews for Jesus. While in Lexington, Kentucky, I met Angela who went, albeit reluctantly, to hear The Liberated Wailing Wall perform at a local church 15 years ago. She filled out a card noting that she would welcome a call. That same night, one of the singers called her and after meeting a few more times, Angela came to faith in Jesus as the Messiah. This year, I presented ‘Christ in the Passover’ at what is now her home church. They had a fellowship meal following the services and Angela was in charge of the group who made several Jewish Passover recipes—she makes a mean noodle kugel [holiday pudding]! What a joy it was to see this faithful believer walking strong and proclaiming Yeshua as her Messiah!”

Bob Mendelsohn reports, “The new Sydney branch was looking forward to celebrating our first Passover with many new friends who had expressed interest in our work. We found a Presbyterian church hall that seated 120 with a good kitchen. The pastor of the church was a Jewish Christian from South Africa. We sent out announcements to those on our newsletter mailing list at the beginning of March and hoped that 75 to 100 people would attend. The responses trickled in at first, but as we approached the cut-off date, over 100 reservations (with payment) came in. We were at 200 people! We revisited the hall, realigned the table configuration and set the hall for 260 people—we had 265! The volunteer kitchen crew managed, with God’s help, to feed everyone a sumptuous four¡course dinner in record time. What an opportunity to see God open hearts, bring out friends of the ministry and help us get launched in Australia’s Christian community. Over 230 volunteer hours were recorded by the 17 wonderful friends who planned, purchased, cooked and cleaned up, played and sang, danced, and well, did it all.”

Rich Robinson reports, “In Morganton, an obscure town in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, I met a 93-year-old Jewish believer in Jesus named Belle. She’s affectionately known as “Bubbe [Grandma] Belle.” She doesn’t look a day over 73! Belle told us that she had been a secret believer for some time, but finally made her first public profession of faith when she was 80. At the same meeting, I met a Jewish lawyer who was open to discussing spiritual things. He came as a result of a local ad.”

Rob Wertheim reports, “I had a scheduled presentation for a Tuesday morning women’s Bible study in Visalia, California. It was quite a distance away and I wondered why the Lord had me traveling so far. I was delighted when, near the end of my presentation, a man walked in and sat down in the back. I approached him after the presentation and learned that he was a new Jewish believer from the Fresno area. He’s been seeking Jewish fellowship and had learned about my meeting on the Jews for Jesus web site. Praise the Lord!”

Sharon Freeman reports, “Before I arrived in Yakima, Washington, I received an email from a Jewish believer named Sarah. She was excited about my ‘Christ in the Passover’ presentation and it ‘just so happened’ that her unbelieving mom would be visiting. I suggested that she bring her mom to the presentation and that the three of us could have coffee afterwards. Not only did Allegra (Sarah’s mom), attend and enjoy the presentation, but we spoke about Yeshua for the next two hours. Although she was not ready to put her faith in the Messiah, she was open to attend a local messianic congregation and to continue receiving ISSUES.”

Marcello Araujo reports, “While in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the church arranged housing for me at the Howell residence. I soon discovered that Mr. Howell had not yet committed his life to Christ. I stayed with them for a couple of days, and when I invited Mr. Howell to receive the gift of salvation he prayed to begin his new life in Christ!”


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