From New York, missionary Kina Forman reports, It was such a blessing to be part of the teen program at the East Coast Ingathering. One night, I was walking Kim, the daughter of Carlos R., our building manager, to her cabin. When I asked her a question about her faith, she told me that although she prays every night, she doesn’t feel God’s presence. I explained God’s promise never to leave us or forsake us when we accept His gift of eternal life. She wanted to be close to God, but admitted she did not want to be tied to a set of rules. I explained the work of the Holy Spirit to her, how God can transform the desires of her heart when we trust Him, and she gave her life to Jesus! She immediately called her dad to tell him what she had done, and the next day she told all her friends the commitment she made. It was terrific to be a small part of God’s big plan for these young people.”

From Johannesburg, Theresa Sischy (married to missionary Michael Sischy) reports, “When my husband and I went to visit Shelley, we discovered that she’d been reading our Questions & Answers booklet and was eager to ask us a whole new set of questions. When her mother, Kathy, came into the room, I was concerned that she would disapprove of our meeting. To our surprise, however, she jumped right in and said, ‘I get very angry with people who dismiss Jesus, because He did exist and He was Jewish.’ By the close of the visit, Kathy explained to us that her brother Solly believed in Jesus. Mother and daughter have both agreed to meet weekly for a Bible study. Please pray for their salvation.”

Moshe Shuai, outreach worker in Israel reports, “Gabriel owns the store on a corner where we frequently sortie. I recently called him to suggest that we meet. We had a great conversation! I learned a lot about him and his family and he decided to take me up on my offer to get together. Gabriel seems to be very open to the gospel; please pray for his salvation.”

From Washington, D.C., branch leader Garrett Smith reports, “Two Jewish college students saw our new sign and came in. They had many questions and agreed to meet with one of our missionaries, David Rothstein, to study the Bible. They even came back later that evening for our Bible study! God is really at work here in our new office!”

From Southern California, outreach worker Stephen reports, “I arranged to visit a new Jewish believer named Richard who was very interested in learning more about the Lord. On entering his house, I was introduced to his mother, Edna, who was not a believer. After going to the kitchen to get something for us to drink, Edna returned to listen in as Richard studied the Bible with me. She seemed very encouraged by my visit with her son, so I then turned my attention to her and explained the gospel. She expressed a desire to ask Jesus to forgive her, so we prayed. Richard was so excited to be there when his mother prayed to receive Jesus. Since then, she has been attending church with her son every week. Now David, Edna’s husband (who is 83 years young), is open to considering Yeshua’s claims.”

Branch leader Bob Mendelsohn reports from Sydney, “It was a joy to have our executive director, David Brickner, accompanied by David Mishkin, visit us from San Francisco. They both spoke at Bible colleges, church meetings and were interviewed on TV, radio and for the newspaper. Kaye, a Jewish woman, accepted Jesus during a visit while another Jewish woman, Olga, heard the gospel when she came to hear David during Jews for Jesus Family Night.

Also from Bob, “To answer the ‘It won’t work here like it does in America’ challenge: all I can say is that David Mishkin and I secured the names and addresses of seven unbelieving Jewish inquirers in less than two hours as we handed out broadsides together! Proof’s in the pudding, eh?”