Stan Meyer, one of our Los Angeles-based missionaries, was speaking at a church in Fort Worth, Texas. At the end of his message, he invited anyone who hadn’t received Christ to do so, and a ten-year-old boy responded. Logan turned out to be Jewish! Logan has been attending church with his Gentile father, Blake, a fairly new Christian. Logan’s mother, a secular Jew, has declined to attend church with them, but is not opposed to Logan’s faith. The pastor will be following up with the family.

Karol Joseph, who heads up our training program in New York City, met a Jewish man named Nathan at a church where she spoke. He’s been attending church for two years, and is close to believing in Jesus (he’s at what we call the counting the cost” stage). For our part, Karol will continue the contact. You also can have a part—please pray for Nathan’s salvation.

Avi Snyder is based in New York City and heads up our ministry to Post-Soviet Jews worldwide. One evening, our missionaries were approaching people on the street with a survey. When Avi asked a man if he had 30 seconds to answer a few questions, he responded very slowly, “I speak English very poorly.” Recognizing his accent, Avi asked in Russian, “Where are you from?” The man’s face brightened as he answered in Russian, “From Moscow. I’m in New York to visit.” They chatted briefly, and Yura was happy to give Avi his name and address so that we might send him literature. Then they made tentative plans for one of our Moscow staff to follow up on the other side of the world! Please pray that Yura will come to faith in the Messiah.

From the Mini-Campaign in Tbilisi (in the former Soviet Union), God continued to prove faithful in using opposition to draw people to Himself. Campaigner Mikhail Vaishenholts was physically attacked by a woman from the Orthodox Russian Church (for refusing to kiss the cross she wore). An elderly Jewish woman named Mzia witnessed the attack and wanted to know who Mikhail was and why he was being assaulted. Mzia ended up giving her name and address to receive further information.

Also in Tbilisi, outreach worker Sergey Koulakov was handing out our broadsides (gospel tracts) at a metro station when a metro worker began to reprimand him because people were dropping the broadsides on the floor. She turned out to be Jewish and as Sergey told her about Jesus she listened attentively. She, too, gave her name (Aida) and address to receive further information. Please pray for Aida and Mzia to be saved.

Greg Savitt, one of our newer missionaries in Fort Lauderdale, recently attended the baptism of a Jewish man to whom he’s been ministering. Following the baptism, the pastor of the church told Greg about Allan, a Jewish man who is dying of emphysema. When Greg expressed a desire to visit Allan, the pastor gladly provided his phone number and Allan agreed to a meeting. When Greg arrived at the appointed time, the nurse informed him that Allan had a two hour coughing fit that subsided only moments before the visit. Despite the breathing tubes in his nose and mouth, Allan was able to tell Greg that he had been thinking about Jesus for a long time. His illness made him realize that he wanted to know God with all his heart and soul before meeting his maker. That afternoon, Allan prayed to receive eternal life in Yeshua.

Paris outreach worker Etienne LTvi worked in a music shop in Grenoble before coming on our staff. He was one of several music shop managers who toured Canada and the United States to see factories where some of the instruments sold in French music shops are made. Etienne became friends with a Jewish man who manages a music shop in Paris. Etienne decided to visit Sylvian, let him know that he now lives in Paris and explain the many changes in his life since they last met. He didn’t know where Sylvian’s shop was—just that it was near Gare du Nord. He prayed that God would show him where to go. When he got off the train he started to walk and there was the shop, right in front of him! Etienne was able to witness to Sylvian, who wanted to receive more information. Please pray for his salvation!