In Toronto, a Christian named Peter called our office for help in witnessing to Martha, a Holocaust survivor. One of our missionaries, Hannah Neufeld, arranged to meet with Martha the following evening. When Hannah asked who she thought Jesus was, Martha immediately replied, He was the Messiah!” Yet it had never occurred to Martha that she could know God personally through the Messiah. Hannah invited Martha to pray to acknowledge Jesus as her Savior and her Lord. She immediately accepted the invitation.

From Odessa, Outreach worker Galya Bogomolova reports, “I was standing outside distributing broadsides (gospel tracts). I was cold and many people had been especially insulting. As I began to complain to God, a woman stopped nearby. I started to ask who she thought Jesus is but she waved her hand as though to dismiss me and said, ‘I am a doubting Thomas.’

‘Do you know how Jesus answered Thomas?’ I asked. She became interested and we talked for several minutes about the Lord. By the end of our conversation, Anna (who is Jewish) gave me her address and asked me to come and read the Bible with her. I was thankful to God for the way He ‘warmed’ me on that sortie despite my complaining. Please pray for Anna, that like Thomas before her, she will one day address Yeshua as ‘My Lord and my God.'”

Former Liberated Wailing Wall (LWW) team leader Garrett Smith says, “It can be tough to tell when God is working in people’s lives. Sometimes I sense Him leading and directing me to say something; other times I just have to be bold in proclaiming the truth regardless of whether I feel anything special from God. I would like to say that more people come to the Lord when I feel a certain prompting, but often when I am tired or feeling ‘unspiritual,’ God uses me to touch people’s hearts anyway—and I am overwhelmed by His grace. For example, in Denver when I invited people to commit their faith to Jesus as their Savior—one man looked straight at me as he raised his hand in response. After the presentation Harry explained that he was Jewish, yet he said ‘Ever since I was a kid I have always been drawn to Jesus and I never knew why. Then three months ago, I had a dream. At least I thought it was a dream, though I felt like I was half awake. A big bright light was drawing me. I felt a strange sensation in the palms of my hand and then I saw a cross. I know God is getting my attention.’ Well, God got more than Harry’s attention! Pray for Harry, that God will protect him and help him to grow in grace and wisdom and knowledge of God.”

Also from The LWW, former team member Lori-Kate reports, “I received a letter from Brenda, a Gentile woman who came to faith in Christ after one of our New York presentations. She wrote, ‘In the past, I tried (with little success!) to read the Bible. I found it boring and confusing. Now I am amazed that I really love reading it! It seems so interesting and full of wisdom now! I attend a Bible study at my church on Sunday mornings. In the past, no form of motivation would have gotten me up at 8 am on a Sunday morning! Now I have faithfully attended for many weeks and genuinely enjoy it!'”

From Johannesburg, missionary Lev Leigh reports, “We hold a monthly Bible study in Pretoria, the ex-capitol of South Africa, which is about half an hour north of Johannesburg. The Jewish believer who hosts us was recently excommunicated from the Pretoria synagogue (because of his faith in Jesus). After the rabbi sent an official letter to terminate the believer’s membership, the rabbi decided to preach a sermon against Jews for Jesus. The following Tuesday morning, an Israeli named Eric called our office from Pretoria. He wanted to know more about what we believe. Apparently, the rabbi’s sermon had stirred Eric’s curiosity! When I visited Eric in Pretoria, he greeted me with joy. He gladly accepted the Hebrew New Testament that I offered him. I believe that Eric is truly looking for the real Consolation of Israel! God can use hostile rabbis to bring people to Jesus, too!”