Good news: We are getting a fantastic response to our secular media campaign from unbelievers. As this newsletter goes to print the third week of December, ninety-five per cent of those responding to our gospel ads and billboards are seekers!

And we are seeing proof positive that these ads have arrested the attention of the Jewish community. Part of the measure of our effectiveness is to see who is objecting to what we are doing. After all, if no one notices our gospel proclamation, they won’t object. So we were very encouraged by the following letter from dear friends of our ministry, Clara and Joe:

Dear David,

Shalom and greetings. We hope you are well.

We thought you might find this of interest with regards to the ad in the Sun Sentinel. [Fort Lauderdale, Florida]. Let us assure you that it caused quite a stir here.

There are about 75,000 condo units in this area with a majority of senior Jewish occupants. There are three houses of Jewish worship in our retirement village. This Saturday, all three rabbis are basing their messages on topics resulting from the ad in the Sun Sentinel. (We have friends who inform us of these things.)

This past Monday night, a congressman who prides himself on being Jewish spoke to the Democratic club here. He mentioned seeing the billboard, held up the ad in the paper and warned Jewish people to not respond! Well, in closing, I just want you to know what is being preached” in our area.

In Him,

Clara and Joe

Opposition indicates that we are being heard. And when Jewish people point to our ads and try to tell other Jews not to respond, well, our people are independent thinkers who don’t much like being told what they should or shouldn’t look into. We knew we were off to a good start when the first response to our ad in the Los Angeles Times was a man threatening to sue us because he was certain that the baby pictured in the ad was his granddaughter! (Actually, the baby isn’t anyone’s granddaughter since it’s a boy! His proud parents are both Jewish believers in Jesus who were delighted with the ads.)

On another note, we carefully crafted the ad mainly to attract unbelievers—and were so successful that we discovered a downside. Usually, many Christians who see the ads respond and we send them our newsletter. Some become friends and supporters, and their gifts help to purchase our gospel ads the following year. So we were encouraged about the high ratio of unbelievers who responded, which is the main concern, but a little disappointed that we’ve missed out on connecting with new friends. Well, we know God can raise up those friends in other ways—so if you have Christian friends who might like to receive our newsletter, won’t you consider sending us their names and addresses?


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