February 1997 Newsletter (5757:6)

Telling Everyone About Messiah
February 1, 1997

It was 1974, and the young man was Peter Rice. A new believer in Jesus, Peter knew that God wanted him to tell others about Christ. He didn’t know many other Jews who believed the way he did. Nor did he have anyone to stand with him as he stood for the Lord in a...

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The Unseen Team

Part of the fun of being a missionary is seeing God work through many people to reach just one. That was the case with a Jewish woman named Dana. Dana was born in my hometown, San Jose, California. In fact she received some of her religious training at Temple...

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A Good Neighbor
Author: Stan Meyer

Can you speak with our Jewish neighbor? I think she’s prayed to receive Jesus,” said Mrs. Colombo over the phone. “Did she pray with you?” I asked. “Yes, or at least I think so. But she doesn’t speak much English, so I don’t...

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Eighty-Seven-Year-Old Woman Begins New Life
Author: Lynn McCoy

Last month I received a call from Sharon at our Washington, D.C., office, asking for us to visit her friend Emelia in the hospital. Sharon described Emelia as an open-minded, eighty-seven-year-old Jewish woman, very close to coming to faith in Christ. As soon as I...

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Did You Know…?

Did you know that Jewish people we lead to faith in Jesus as a result of hearing from Christian friends like Sharon and Mrs. Colombo account for the majority of fruit we see in our ministry? We praise God for the teamwork that lets us see people get saved. If you...

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The Joy of Being Miserable

Jeanne knew that she could only continue her relationship with Nick if things changed. He was a Christian, and she was not. Furthermore, she was Jewish. She did not want to interfere with his faith…in fact, she wondered if there might be something to it. What was she...

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The Only Hope For Peace Campaign Draws Response

Good news: We are getting a fantastic response to our secular media campaign from unbelievers. As this newsletter goes to print the third week of December, ninety-five per cent of those responding to our gospel ads and billboards are seekers! And we are seeing proof...

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Sayings of Chairman Moishe: on Sowing Gospel Seed
Author: Moishe Rosen

Many people who try to witness are disappointed in the results—and their disappointment often discourages them from trying again. What would you think of a person who decides to become a farmer, buys a huge field, then goes down to the seed store and asks for the...

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Bits from the Branches

Moscow In Moscow, as outreach worker Natasha was visiting with a new-born Jewish Christian, the woman’s son came home. After Natasha explained who she was and why she was there, he began firing many questions, and it seemed to Natasha that he did not expect or...

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