Thomas* called our office in a panic. He is Jewish and even though he did not believe in Jesus, he’d been going to church with Judy and her family. Judy is not Jewish, but confessed Jesus as Messiah. They had been married for only six weeks when Judy filed for divorce. She was in the hospital suffering from a nervous breakdown, and there was nothing that Thomas could do to stop the papers from going through. [*Editor’s note: Because of the sensitive nature of this situation, we have not used the couple’s real names.]

I visited them in the hospital, and it seemed like there was nothing I could do, either. Thomas was distraught and Judy was incapacitated by drugs. When Judy was well enough to be released from the hospital, she realized that the divorce was a mistake, but the papers had already been filed. According to the law, they were divorced.

They did not know what to do. They decided not to live as man and wife, but since they had no other place to go, they lived in the same house with Judy’s children from a previous marriage. As you can imagine, the situation was confusing and messy.

I visited them and told them that the only way to begin to see any light was to move ahead in the Lord. I explained the gospel to Thomas and challenged him to give his heart to the Lord. I challenged Judy to recommit herself to God and His ways.

They both agreed and prayed with me. They are now involved in a local church and are in marriage counseling twice a week. Their situation is still far from right, but I can see how God is wooing these people in the midst of their trouble.

The New Testament says that God is able (Jude 24). He is able to make a way when we see no way, and He is able to bring light into our dark world. I am reminded that God is able when I think of Thomas and Judy. They know that they have a long way to go. They also have found that God is able.