Bits From the Branches, From Washington D.C. to Paris, to Tel Aviv and Beyond

Another Internet Connection

Keith is a consultant for an actuarial firm in downtown Baltimore. He found Adrienne, the love of his life, on the Internet a year ago. After falling in love, they discovered that she is African American and he is Jewish; however, the gap in their cultures is minor in comparison with the faith gap.” Adrienne is a Christian and Keith is not. Adrienne found our web site and asked if we could help; she said she would have liked to have married a Christian, but was backslidden when she “met” Keith. Chief of Station Bob Mendelsohn in Washington, D.C., responded. He and Keith had several telephone and e-mail conversations before they met in person. Keith seems open and cautiously enthusiastic about studying the Bible with Bob. He has prayed that God would show him the truth about Jesus.

God Provides

Paris Chief of Station Stephen Pacht was blessed to attend the baptism of Jewish believer Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc came to our office around Christmastime in 1994. At the time, he did not know Jesus. He had no papers (they were stolen), no money, no job and no home. Now he is walking with the Lord and has all of the above plus a fiancTe. Most important, he has eternal life. Praise God!

Fruit From Fruit

In New York, missionary Mitch Forman is qvelling (see page one). A Jewish believer he has been discipling for a year shared his faith with a Jewish woman—and she is now a believer! Her name is Eileen. Mitch requests, “Please pray that our contacts continue to grow and bear much fruit.”

Holy Spirit Appointment Book

Los Angeles Chief of Station Tuvya Zaretsky was handing out tracts and praying that someone would stop and speak with him. In fact, he prayed specifically that someone from his days as a student at the University of Redlands (well over 20 years ago) would stop. Along came James Watson, an African-American Christian whom Tuvya knew from Redlands. James is now a successful actor and a beautiful brother in Christ. He was with a friend, Ted (who used to be on the 1970s TV show The Love Boat). James told Tuvya that he had been praying for someone to help him witness to Ted, so Tuvya proceeded to tell him about Jesus. Two prayers answered in one encounter! Ted admitted that there are no coincidences when the Lord is involved.

Speaking of which, in New York, missionary Garrett Smith was having lunch at a local restaurant when he noticed a familiar face a couple of tables away. Golan is an Israeli whom Garrett first met while handing out tracts at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Golan stopped to talk but would not give an address or phone number for further contact. Two weeks later Garrett “happened” to see him in the lobby of the hotel where our New York branch had High Holiday services. Seeing him again at the restaurant was no coincidence. Garrett says, “Golan seems a little more open each time we meet. I think he, too, is sensing the Lord’s hand in these ‘chance’ encounters.”

Street Encounters in Russia

From Moscow, outreach worker Nadya reports a conversation she had while broadsiding (handing out our gospel tracts):
“What’s this all about?”
“About Jesus Christ.”
“Oh, I see. Jews again!”
It looks like Muscovites think that anyone who speaks openly about Christ is a Jew for Jesus. That is a reputation we will gladly bear!

Also in Moscow, outreach worker Dina had an unusual encounter. She handed a tract to a woman saying: “This is for you.”
“As for me,” the woman answered, “I want to tell you that there is a living god on the Earth now. It is Maria Davy* Christ!” (*apparently a cult leader).
Dina responded with Scripture: “Then, if anyone says to you: ‘Look, here is the Christ,’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it.…For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be” (Matthew 24:23, 27).
The woman ran away as though she were carried by the wind, dropping her possessions as she ran. There is Power in the Word of God!

New Column Catches On

Missionary Mark Landrum in Chicago wrote in to say that Joe (a new Jewish believer Mark recently helped lead to faith) read the prayer prompters in our Newsletter and wanted to be included, as he had the same request as several he saw mentioned. Please see p. 4.

Missionary Wanted by Police

Chief of Station Guillermo Katz was driving to our Buenos Aires office when a policeman began flashing the lights on his patrol car, signaling him to pull over. Guillermo wondered what he had done wrong, especially when he noticed that the policeman was approaching without the notebook used for writing tickets. It turned out that officer Andres is a Christian who wanted help so that he could better communicate the gospel to his Jewish friend. He saw the Jews for Jesus decals on our van and figured God had answered his prayer!


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