February 1996 Newsletter (5756:6)

What’s More…
February 1, 1996

Moishe wanted to offer some practical applications with the cover article. These are mostly his suggestions with input from the (single) editor. We are commanded to be considerate to one another in the body of Christ. I don’t know that anyone is intentionally...

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Love of Literature Leads Jewish Woman to Christ
Author: Peter Rice

I did a missionary visit with Walt Whitman. That’s right, Whitman the author. He, along with Dante the poet and Melville the storyteller, did more than breathe life into their characters. Like many of their contemporaries, they wove biblical themes into their...

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What Do You Say When…
Author: Moishe Rosen

What do you say when someone tells you, I’d like to believe in Jesus, but I’m too old to change.” I begin by asking, “Do you really mean that? Do you really want to believe?” (Some people will say they would like to believe because they...

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Never Too Old

Missionary trainee Garrett Smith was not optimistic about his visit with Nick. In previous visits, he’d found it difficult to communicate with this seventy-three-year-old Jewish man from Czechoslovakia. A speech impediment that seemed possibly connected with a...

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Thanks to those of you who made an extra effort to give so that our staff could receive cost of living adjustments this year! Those adjustments have been made based on the Lord’s generosity through you and based on faith that He will sustain our income to cover...

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Can an Eighty-Two-Year-Old Woman Be Fruitful and Multiply?

Eighty-two-year-old Estelle isn’t ashamed to tell her age. Though not young in years, she is young at heart, and in fact, she’s very young in Christ—and she is jumping hurdles! Estelle had been a believer for just over one year when she faced the hurdle of...

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Shimon Says Yes

Shimon is a Jewish man who travels to conduct business in America, Israel and the UK. When in England he lives in North London, which is where our Jews for Jesus missionaries first met him five years ago. One Sunday afternoon at Speaker’s Corner he heard Stephen...

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A Merry Heart Does Good

A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the...

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