February 1995 Newsletter (5755:5)

Disappointment: Appointment to Growth, or Harvest of Emptiness?
April 1, 1995
Author: Moishe Rosen

Life is full of disappointments. Disappointments arise when someone or something fails to meet our expectation or hope: an infant cries and is not picked up; a toy breaks or is lost; rain prevents an outing. As the child grows, its expectations grow, generating a...

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Bits from the Branches

A Welcome Interruption Central New Jersey missionary Glenn Harris conducts a regular Bible study. About ten minutes into one of these, Bernie, a Jewish man who had been seeking the truth about Yeshua, interrupted with, Excuse me, I wonder if it would be all right if I...

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I Found What Was Missing
Author: Ann Cypress

I am 72 years old and I live in Delaware. I am a retired professor of nursing. I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home. However, at an early age I found myself rebelling against the many rules and regulations of our religion. My mother was often beside herself with my...

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Vanity Fair

They all begin to look alike after a while—the shops, the cafes, the decorative streets. You find them in every major city—meccas for bustling Friday and Saturday night crowds. They invite prominent businessmen and women dressed in Blass suits and Cardin ties, who go...

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Politically Correct Words That Obscure the Truth: Some Politically Incorrect Observations
Author: Moishe Rosen

Sometimes reality is harsh. The truth often hurts. To soften the abrasive nature of certain truths, we invent euphemisms to avoid thoughts of what is unpleasant to us or to others. Sometimes these euphemisms or politically correct” terms are harmless; at other...

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The Chosen People
Author: Rich Robinson

Some disdain the term Chosen People as implying superiority or arrogance. But it is a biblical term, found in both the Old Testament (Isaiah 43:20) and in the New Testament (1 Peter 2:9). Chosen ones” and “my chosen ones” occur even more frequently....

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Van Evangelism
February 1, 1995

In England, it is not as common as it is in the United States to have bumper stickers on cars or logos on vans. That’s why the van I use at the London branch of Jews for Jesus attracts a lot of attention. When I’m stuck in traffic, frequently someone in a...

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