Most people in today’s society have developed defenses against strangers who call on the phone to persuade them to buy aluminum siding for their home or new linoleum or tickets to the policeman’s ball. I don’t blame anyone for being wary, even suspicious, of phone calls from someone they don’t know. Without such defenses, we all might end up with a houseful of unwanted products!

Because of this natural wariness, I prefer to begin my evangelistic contacts by mail. A letter from a stranger may seem impersonal, but frequently it is the best way to contact a person. Besides, epistles are biblical. (See brother Paul about that.)

In my ministry with Jews for Jesus I regularly send out introductory letters to Jewish people, most of whose addresses have been referred to us by their friends or relatives. In return for the cost of postage I receive a most precious commodity—recognition. I garner a much higher positive response from those who have already received a letter from me than from cold” calling Jewish names out of the phone book.

When I write a letter and follow it with a phone call, those I call already know who I am. That message on paper that I took time to compose and send helps considerably to warm up their responses. Frequently it makes the difference between striking up a real conversation about the gospel and having someone hang up on me.

That is what happened with Carl. Our San Francisco office had received a request that someone contact Carl about spiritual matters. A letter followed, then a phone call and finally a visit. During the visit Carl confessed his need for new life through Yeshua. That referral, letter, phone call and visit culminated in Carl’s praying to make Yeshua the master of’ his life.

These modern epistles play a vital role in the day-to-day drama of salvation. Sadly, we have one recurring problem with that kind of outreach. We are very glad to write those letters, but we need the names of Jewish people to whom we can write.

That is where you, the reader of this article, come in. It is up to you to send us some names! Many Christians know Jewish people who need to hear the gospel, but they are afraid of jeopardizing friendships or future evangelistic opportunities by “coming on too strong.” Does that describe your situation?

That is where we come in! Give us your friends’ names and we will write them and begin a witness. If you prefer, your name need not even be mentioned, so what is there to lose but time? Please send the names and home addresses of your Jewish friends and neighbors for us to contact. It really is up to you. Will you do it?


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