February 1991 Newsletter (5751:4)

If God Lived on Earth, They Would Break His Windows
January 1, 1991
Topics: purim
Author: Moishe Rosen

There’s an old Yiddish saying: If God lived on earth, they would break his windows.” As believers we know that God does live on earth. As we receive him and yield ourselves to him, he walks where our feet walk and touches what our hands touch. But it was not always so. In order to…

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It’s Purim Time

Purim, the Jewish Feast of Esther, falls on February 28 this year. Although the topic is serious (the near annihilation of the Jewish people), the story has a happy ending, so the celebrations are joyful and light-hearted. In the synagogue the cantor reads aloud the Book of Esther. At each mention of Haman, the villain…

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A Quiet Ministry
Author: Susan Perlman

ISSUES is an eight- to twelve page high-quality journal that we send to Jewish people who do not yet know our Messiah. It uses artwork, poetry, literature, essays, book reviews and testimonies written in Jewish style to explain that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Savior for everyone. We want to acquaint our friends with this facet…

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It’s Up to You!
Author: Dan Farris

Most people in today’s society have developed defenses against strangers who call on the phone to persuade them to buy aluminum siding for their home or new linoleum or tickets to the policeman’s ball. I don’t blame anyone for being wary, even suspicious, of phone calls from someone they don’t know. Without such defenses, we…

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Ashkenazic Jew in Sephardic* Synagogue Hears About Yeshua
Topics: our stories
Author: Ron Friedman

As I came up from the subway tube at Aldgate on the eastern edge of London I encountered the weather for which England is most famous: crashing sheets of rain. I had left my umbrella back in my suitcase, but I was determined to keep my date with the oldest synagogue in England. Battling as…

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The Priest Was Wearing a Yarmulke
Topics: yarmulke, kippah
Author: Cara Friedman

I am from New York—Bronx-born but suburban-bred. My father was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, and my mother is Gentile. I grew up in a Reform Jewish home and attended the local Jewish Community Center, which was also a Conservative synagogue. I attended worship there on Friday nights and sometimes Saturday mornings. The extent…

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Heart Trouble in Holy People
Author: Moishe Rosen

Remember the time-worn nursery rhyme about the old woman in the shoe? There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.” In my childhood I thought that the shoehouse woman’s children went unloved and uncared for because she didn’t know what to do…

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