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Victor is one of the people with whom we came in contact during our 1989 Summer Witnessing Campaign. Victor came to the United States from Russia in May of last year. He arrived with many questions about God and the Bible, and he came full of wonder at his new-found freedom. Victor was now able openly to ask questions about God, and he wasted little time.

Because Victor had no religious training whatsoever, I found that we needed to begin our study together at the beginning with the question: Who is God? Victor seemed consistently interested in reading and learning about God. He also read his Russian/English New Testament all the way through the Book of Acts within just a few weeks of the time he received it from us. In the weeks that followed we talked about the Bible, the prophets of Israel , the Messiah’s place in prophecy, and how I myself came to believe in Jesus eight and a half years ago.

One time in particular I explained to Victor what sin is, how it affects all of us, and how God made a provision for sin through the shed blood of the Messiah. I likened sin to a virus invisible in and of itself, but manifesting itself outwardly with certain symptoms. I told him that just as sneezing and coughing are evidence that a person already has a cold virus, so the selfishness and indifference in the world, as well as man’s inhumanity to man, bear witness to the very real existence of sin. I explained that it is a condition with which we are born, and sooner or later we actualize it by our attitudes and actions toward God, toward one another, and toward the world in which we live.

Victor understood sin clearly, and acknowledged that we all (including himself) are beset with sin. Then I presented Messiah Yeshua as the sin- bearer for all mankind. Victor understood that whoever would acknowledge Yeshua as Messiah and ask for his atonement would have eternal life. That afternoon Victor acknowledged Yeshua and prayed to receive him as his Savior! What a privilege it was to be there to guide him into the kingdom! And all having started "from scratch," as it were. But it is only the start. Now comes the work of discipling Victor—helping him to learn the Scriptures and gain a greater understanding of the God we serve. Please pray for this ongoing work in Victor’s life.


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