February 1990 Newsletter (5750:2)

The Three Branches of Judaism
February 19, 2018

Here is an in-depth overview of the similarities, differences and changes over time between the three primary branches of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform.

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In Appreciation Of Music Ministers
February 1, 1990
Topics: music, worship
Author: Moishe Rosen

Suppose someone had a great asset for achieving an important goal but seldom used it. Suppose this person was failing to accomplish by other means what the unused asset could achieve. The Body of Christ possesses such a God-given asset which it repeatedly neglects and...

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An Update On Our South Africa Ministry

One of my most exciting ministry opportunities has been the process of starting and overseeing a new branch of Jews for Jesus in South Africa . I recently returned to my Chicago branch ministry from a trip to Johannesburg , where I was able to introduce Andrew and...

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Raising The Issue
Author: Ron Gitelman

In my ministry with Jews for Jesus I have been involved in outreach ministry at Brooklyn College . Every week I stand at the same place across the street from the Hillel House, a Jewish campus organization, to hand out our gospel literature. While I am distributing...

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Free To Wonder And Ask
Author: Glenn Harris

Victor is one of the people with whom we came in contact during our 1989 Summer Witnessing Campaign. Victor came to the United States from Russia in May of last year. He arrived with many questions about God and the Bible, and he came full of wonder at his new-found...

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Highway To Heaven?
Author: Peter Rice

Every city has certain features or distinctions in which its citizens take pride. Some even take pride in the negative or troublesome aspects of their hometowns, as though these conferred special points for martyrdom. (Ask the average New Yorker how he likes to take...

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Singing God’s Praises
Author: Heidi Grabke

How can someone with blond hair and blue eyes and a name like Heidi Grabke be Jewish? That’s easy. My mother is Jewish and my father is half German and half Jewish. I have my father’s German coloring and German surname, but believe me, underneath all this...

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