The Many Ways We Publish Glad Tidings

Our primary purpose is to communicate God’s salvation through Christ, but we hope you won’t consider this Jews for Jesus Newsletter gospel literature! We print the Newsletter as educational and inspirational material for those who already believe in Yeshua as the only Savior. Through it we hope to form a bond with God’s people so that they will take to heart our burden for Jewish evangelism and become involved in our ministry. Occasionally God does use one of our Newsletter articles to touch an unbeliever’s heart, but our evangelistic ministry is separate and different.

We consider the written word the second best way to communicate the gospel, the best way being one-on-one dialogue. Nevertheless, some unbelievers prefer to ponder the gospel statement in privacy, without the imposing presence of another. At such times the written word is best after all. Our written communications include books, ads, letters, posters and, of course, tracts.

The least expensive and most widely used method for Christians to get out the written gospel message has always been tracts. Nevertheless, since the mid-1900’s, tract use in evangelism has dwindled considerably.

Perhaps the reason is not that literature distribution was found ineffective, but that Christians have become less willing to proclaim Christ openly and aggressively. It takes a great deal of courage to stand on a downtown street corner, or a university campus, or outside a sporting event and hand deliver literature to some who might be slightly interested, while others treat you as though you were a terrible nuisance or worse.

In Jews for Jesus we do the difficult thing because we deem it necessary, and in the long run it works. We do not always meet with great success when we hand out our broadsides. Yet if perfect distribution were possible, numerically we have printed and distributed enough tracts to touch every home and every person in North America!

We call our tracts broadsides and broadsheets. (The difference is size and the way we fold them.) Both contain short, pithy messages that make one important point. Almost everyone has seen this literature at one time or another. The tracts usually connect with the topic of a popular movie or book, or some contemporary idea. They begin with the topic of current comment or concern and end with a spiritual challenge. Most broadsides can be read in 30-90 seconds, but the brief message they convey has life-changing potential. Broadsides and broadsheets are designed to provoke thought, to stimulate inquiry and to give people a small nudge toward God—so small that it’s never rude, yet difficult to ignore.

We also write more serious tracts that deal with specific issues. They include such topics as the nature of the New Testament, the deity of the Messiah, etc. Actually, they are short essays to be sent to those who have asked specific questions about the topics they cover.

Besides these, we print longer essays in booklet form. At one time we published a booklet answer to the anti-missionaries written by Dr. Louis Goldberg. (We still have a small supply of these. If you’d like one, send us 65ó in postage stamps and ask for A Jewish Christian Response.)

Our booklet/pamphlets enable us to go beyond basic evangelism and provide a more profound ministry when needed. For example, our Growth Book, a brief publication for the new Jewish believer, is designed for instruction rather than evangelism. One of our best evangelistic pieces is Questions and Answers From Jews for Jesus. It sells for $1.15, as does the Growth Book.

We also have full-scale books. Frequently, we write them ourselves and let them be published elsewhere. If we find a good book outside our ministry that serves our purposes, we buy quantities at the best possible price from the publisher. Several of our books were published by Moody Press in order to make our material available to a wider readership, but we are also self-publishers. Recently we published our latest book of testimonies, Jesus for Jews, ourselves in order to keep the price as low as possible.

Another of our evangelistic publications is Issues, a four-color periodical on glossy paper. It contains quality graphics and is written in a way that Jews communicate to other Jews. We produce this on our own printing presses because we want to maintain strict quality control. We mail Issues bi-monthly only to Jewish people, especially those who are not yet believers in Jesus.

We wish we could produce our Newsletter in-house, with the same quality of paper, printing and art work, but we cannot afford the expense, and the presses we own are too small. We hope to change that soon.

Our most personal printed outreach is the Letter of Witness program, where at the request of concerned believers, we send their unbelieving Jewish friend or relative a personalized, individually addressed evangelistic letter. We enclose a copy of Issues and a return postcard in case the individual wishes to continue receiving our literature. We also offer them a free Yeshua book as a primer on messianic prophecy.

We could not discuss our many evangelistic publications without including our full-page evangelistic advertisements many of you have seen in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. These are an expensive undertaking. Not all our donors agree with us that we ought to do it, but many do share our vision. We use only the funds donated specifically for our media outreach to pay for these full-page gospel ads. In each ad we usually offer a premium for those who respond. Sometimes the premium is free, and sometimes it’s a bargain not easily ignored, like the Yeshua book, the Questions and Answers from Jews for Jesus booklet, or the Jesus for Jews book for only $1.

We sell all our in-house literature at substantially less than the current price of most other written materials. We do this because we do not intend to make a profit on any of our publications, or anything else we produce or supply. Rather, we believe that God wants our support to come from the donations of involved, caring Christians. At one time we provided all our literature, including books, free of charge. We stopped doing that because we found that when people didn’t have to pay at all, they requested larger quantities of materials than they really used.

In Jews for Jesus we are primarily communicators. The purpose of all our publications is to amplify God’s message of salvation in Christ and to present ourselves as a living and active story to his grace. Our dissemination of the printed word produces most of the contacts for our missionaries to visit and relate the gospel on a one-to-one basis.

So when you hear that old hymn Publish glad tidings, tidings of peace, tidings of Jesus, redemption and release,” do think of us!


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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