Because printed materials comprise the backbone of our evangelistic ministry, we want to enlarge our publishing capacity. This expansion will present opportunities for more people to serve the Lord with us. We need applicants for volunteer work and for salaried positions. (Even the volunteer positions require that you fill out an application form, but don’t let that frighten you. We just want to know your skills in order to make the best use of your time and services.)

Do you own a printing plant? Perhaps you could help us by producing a number of our gospel tracts to be used in your area.

If you do not own a printing plant, you can still help us print our tracts and materials. Because we publish our own tracts, each of our branches has a small printing press and a folding machine. We depend on volunteer help, so if you live near enough to New York City, Boston, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, know how to operate a small offset press and can give us 4 to 10 hours a month, let us know. We also need volunteer proofreaders and volunteer artists at our various branches. If you qualify, we probably can use your services, and God will say thank you.

We also have salaried positions for professional people who would consider their work a ministry for the Lord. These salaried positions will pay enough to provide a modestly good living standard.

Our San Francisco Production Department needs a master or journeyman printer with experience in managing a print shop, and also a printer’s apprentice.

We are also seeking to hire clerical help, proofreaders and doorkeeper” “foot washer” kinds of people who would be willing to fit in wherever they were needed.

If you feel moved to help us fill any of these needs on a salaried or volunteer basis, ask God if he wants you to apply. If it’s OK with him, it’s surely OK with us, and we will weigh your application in the balance of eternity.

For an application, write or call:

Jews for Jesus
60 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-5895
(415) 864-2600 ext. 133