Jews for Jesus is always experimenting with new media for evangelism. One of our latest ideas is ads on buses, trains and streetcars. We print four-color 11 x 28″ posters and place them as paid advertisements on public transportation vehicles in major U.S. cities. We have had some interesting responses.

In Chicago someone called our branch office and asked for two tickets to the new Jews for Jesus play. Kathy, our office manager, was quite puzzled until the caller said that he had seen our bus ad announcing on a marquee-type background: Yeshua—Coming Soon! Kathy explained that “coming soon” referred to the Messiah’s return. She had a great opportunity to tell the caller about the ad’s purpose and what it really meant.

In Boston, our branch leader Steve Silverstein received a phone response from a 23-year-old college student named Evan.

Evan asked about getting together to talk. Steve said, “About what?” Evan said, “About religious beliefs.” After asking a few general questions Steve determined that Evan was Jewish. Then he inquired how Evan had heard about Jews for Jesus.

Evan said that over the last few months he had been thinking about what he really believed and had been wanting to talk to someone about religion. The day we heard from him he had just seen our poster in the train he was riding and had called us right away.

Steve made an appointment for the next day, and he and Evan talked for quite a while. In their conversation Evan bounced from one question to another.

They talked about the Virgin Birth, the Trinity and Jewishness and believing in Jesus. They discussed Evan’s religious background and that he had attended various churches with his Gentile wife.

Evan tried to argue that as a Jew, he should not believe in Jesus. On the other hand, he admitted that he felt there was something wrong about his not believing.

Steve sensed that Evan was being pulled two ways. He told Evan that he was trying to maintain a veneer of unbelief by asking many questions, but deep down he knew the truth and just didn’t want to commit himself. At that, Evan smiled and answered, “Well, I just can’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but I do believe that he existed.”

Evan seemed close to making a decision, but Steve felt he should not press the matter so soon. It looks like they will continue to meet.

We expect many more responses about these traveling ads. We know God will use them to touch lives and create interest in the gospel.

This photo was taken inside a San Francisco bus. The little people are saying, “Yeshua? That’s Jewish. The Jewish way to say Jesus. For more information call.…” Then the poster gives our local Jews for Jesus name, address and telephone number. The poster ads are appearing in trains and buses in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.