From our earliest days in Jews for Jesus, we have prayerfully and carefully incorporated certain policies and standards into our ministry. By these distinctives we maintain integrity as an organization and faithfulness to the charge entrusted to us by our praying friends and supporters.

As much as possible, we seek out new frontiers of ministry rather than duplicate what is already being done by other agencies in the field of Jewish evangelism.

We maintain a strong commitment to serve the whole Church as an arm of outreach and as a Jewish voice heralding the gospel to our fellow Jews. Therefore, we emphasize only those doctrines of salvation which are broadly held by evangelical Christians.

As much as possible, we seek to follow biblical methods in our ministry. When deploying missionaries, we send a team or apostolic band” for mutual spiritual and emotional support. When facing opposition, we conduct ourselves with holy boldness. Where proclamation of the gospel is concerned, we maintain a respectful attitude toward governmental authority, yet we persist in asserting our civil rights.

Loving confrontation is an essential condition of evangelism. Thus, we are committed to the more difficult methods of proclaiming the gospel which sometimes result in opposition. Yet we do the difficult thing because it is the right thing to do, and by God’s grace it works.

In our evangelistic efforts we communicate to Jewish people as Jews communicate with one another. We use Jewish rather than Gentile cultural elements because Jewish people do not easily understand or relate to church “jargon.”

We develop and utilize materials which enable us to communicate the gospel through secular modes of communication. These include broadcast or print media, literature, drama, music, rhetoric, poetry and graphic arts.

We are committed to exercising good stewardship. We use diligence in spending ministry funds, always giving priority to direct evangelism and taking great care to use donor-designated monies for their expressed purpose. We also pay our bills ahead of time to take advantage of early payment discounts.

We do not send out emergency appeals. When God leads us to undertake some new outreach project, we place that need before our ministry friends, praying that God in his providence will move some to support it. We feel we should not extend ourselves to spend beyond what the Lord provides through his people.

At all times we exercise the highest possible business and ministry ethics. We belong to the IFMA, the International Foreign Mission Association. Designed to make the good ministries better, the IFMA maintains what are probably the strictest standards of all mission associations.

We also belong to the WEF, the World Evangelical Fellowship, an international organization of those holding to and promoting evangelical causes, and the LCJE, the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism, a body of missionaries from the more conservative denominations and independent mission organizations. The purpose of the LCJE is to discuss and make available materials and knowledge that will improve the field of Jewish evangelism.