B’hemah is the Hebrew word for animal” or “beast.” Our artists Terry and Patricia regard this huge process stat camera as a one-eyed monster, perhaps because it’s so big. When fully extended, the bellows is six feet long, and the lens is the size of a two-lb. coffee can. Actually, the Acti 225 is a somewhat friendly and very sophisticated piece of equipment. We use it to adapt graphic materials for printing. It changes the sizes of graphic materials and converts black-and-white photos or illustrations onto negative or positive film for producing either line art or a half-tone picture.

A Broadside Takes Shape

After the seed thought has gone through numerous hours of writing and rewriting, it flowers into final form under the talented hand of one of our artists before being placed on the press. Pictured here is Carol Clemons, who has produced many of our broadsides and cartoons, working from her home and from our Headquarters art office.