February 1986 Newsletter (5746:4)

God Is Not A Sourpuss
February 1, 1986
Author: Moishe Rosen

Many people imagine God as some kind of cosmic faultfinder. They see him as a stern judge who is obsessed with their every defect, and is perpetually annoyed with them because they are not as perfect as the Adam he created. To counterbalance this image of stern disapproval, Pharisees—both ancient and modern—have devised countless self-imposed…

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How I Learned to Love

As a new believer in Jesus 12 years ago, I was constantly told by my fellow Christians that I must love others. While the idea was true to Scripture and sounded good to me, I found it difficult to carry out because I didn’t really like or care for myself. How, then, could I love…

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The Gift

A gift for me? I couldn’t.” “It’s yours for the asking.” “Really?” “All you need to do is receive and accept it.” “But I couldn’t. It isn’t right. I could never reciprocate.” “Of course, you couldn’t. Nobody could ever reciprocate for a gift like this. But you’re not expected to. It’s part of the gift.”…

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Decision and Commitment
Author: Holly R.

I’m sorry, Holly. I’m really busy and I haven’t read the book yet,” Carol admitted sheepishly. “Last week I was sick, and I missed work. I haven’t had time.” “I understand,” I said. “Listen, I’ll give you a call in another week or two. Maybe I’ll catch you at a better time.” But each time…

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A Jewish Girl Named Mary
Author: Kala Weinberg

The Tuesday night Bible study at our Jews for Jesus center in Manhattan had already begun. Upon the third floor Peter Rice was teaching a group of us about the Apostles’ Creed. About halfway through the lesson, the elevator door opened and in walked a young woman I had never seen before. I guessed immediately…

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From Glory to the Mundane to Glory
Author: Mark Buckley

All of our responsibilities, whether glorious or mundane, have a redemptive purpose which can bring us blessings. In I Samuel 17:15 (NIV) it says that David went back and forth from Saul to tend his father’s sheep at Bethlehem. David had been anointed king by Samuel the prophet (I Sam. 16:13), but he still had…

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The Most Frequent Questions In Jewish Evangelism

  Question: How can you believe in the New Testament? Isn’t it full of anti-Semitism and lies? Answer: The New Testament—which simply means New Covenant—needs to be accepted for what it is, a Jewish book written by Jewish people. Most of the concepts in the New Testament cannot be understood apart from their background in…

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Seven Circles of Certainty (If Yeshua Isn’t the Messiah, Who Is?)

In presenting Old Testament information about the Messiah to unbelievers, it is helpful to structure the material in as uncomplicated a manner as possible. Use Scripture passages that go from the general to the specific. That is, present the evidence to demonstrate that as the biblical data becomes more detailed, the number of qualified candidates”…

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