Answered prayer in London!

Answered prayer in London!

From London, Julia Pascoe has an update on someone we’ve asked you to pray for: “Remember Rachel? She came to faith two years ago after seeing our shop sign, and we began by studying the discipleship book Following Yeshua by Ruth Rosen. Rachel is now a member of a local church and was baptized earlier this year! I continue to meet with Rachel regularly for Bible study, prayer, and spiritual encouragement.

“Rachel handed out tracts with us and helped me serve iced water to people in Hendon during this year’s heatwave. She’s also introduced me to her unbelieving parents, her close friend Aviva, and her next door neighbours, Sam and Rita. After praying for God to show her how He wants her to serve, Rachel also felt the Lord calling her to host a Messianic Shabbat meal in her home.

“We partnered with Rachel to help her get started; five Jewish believers and one Jewish seeker, Martin, have been attending her dinners. We are always praying about whom to invite. I recently reconnected with Lucy, a Jewish lady I used to visit years ago. I invited her to Rachel’s Shabbat dinner—and she joined us!

“Lucy isn’t particularly open to deep discussion about Yeshua just yet, but she enjoyed the evening and we hope she will return. Shabbat dinner is a great place for a small community of Jewish believers to provide a way for other Jewish people to experience Yeshua’s love.

“Rachel’s elderly Jewish neighbours, Sam and Rita, have been very sceptical about her faith. They don’t believe in God, but hold close to their Jewish identity. Rachel now wants to invite them to Shabbat dinner. Pray that they’ll come. But most importantly, pray that God will reveal His goodness and salvation to them, to Lucy, and others. Please also pray that Rachel will continue growing in the Lord as she serves Him.”

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