This month’s Bits from the Branches included a story that blessed me so much—it reminded me for the bazillionth time that God’s ideas of success are so different from those of the blaring, boasting world that does not know Him.

Last year Benjamin prayed with Attila, one of our Budapest missionaries, to receive the Lord. Within a few weeks of being born again, Benjamin got a cleaning job in a psychiatric hospital. Whenever he can, Benjamin reads the Bible with patients and prays for them. There are areas in the hospital that no pastors or ministers are allowed to enter, but because Benjamin is expected to keep these areas clean, he can minister God’s love and His Word in these places.

I don’t know how many parents would hope for their children to one day secure a job cleaning a hospital, psychiatric or otherwise. I do know that Benjamin’s Heavenly Father is proud of him. I think of men and women who take jobs others might be too proud to do, and in taking them, they beautify these jobs and make them glorious occasions to minister God’s love and His Good News.

What does success mean to you? I think it is a matter of surrendering all that we have and all that we do to God, that He might make who we are and what we do successful in reflecting who He is and what He does. That means someone who scrubs toilets has just as much opportunity to be successful as someone who performs brain surgery. Does that change how you see yourself, and how you see other people?

This Thanksgiving, wouldn’t it be great to focus on gratitude for people and services that the world takes for granted? And if you are a person who performs such services, and you serve through the power and to the glory of God, may you bask in the joy of knowing that you are successful as God counts success!