Kata (one of our full-time missionaries in Budapest)

I’ve organized two Jews for Jesus witnessing campaigns in Budapest; the first was in 2012 and I did almost all of the organization myself. It was difficult, but it worked, because God was gracious and covered my mistakes. By 2013 I had a lot of volunteers, and I knew the right thing to do was delegate tasks to them, even though I now had more experience to know how to do these tasks myself. And since delegating increases the chances of mistakes and miscommunication, sometimes it felt like I was working twice as hard and half as efficiently as last year. Nevertheless …

As I was reading the story of the Sinai covenant in Exodus 19, versus seven and eight, this word "together" hit me.

So Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before them all these words which the Lord commanded him.  Then all the people answered TOGETHER and said, ‘All that the Lord has spoken we will do’" (emphasis added).

What a solemn moment where the whole nation of Israel was able to say "yes" to the Lord! Israel is at her best when she is together. So is the church. The word "together" is the translation of the Hebrew word yachad. It has the same root as the word echad, which is how the Bible describes the oneness of God in Deuteronomy 6:4. This oneness implies plurality; the same oneness is used in Genesis to describe a husband and wife coming together as one.

This Jewish man wanted to reach others with the gospel just as he was reached (he prayed with us to receive Jesus
on last year’s campaign)

God created us in His image. He is together as one in Himself, but human beings need Him as well as one another to be together. In our singularity we cannot fulfill His call to represent Him in this world. Our "Life from the Dead" campaign in Budapest could not have possibly had the impact that it did without all the people who were helping and praying. Even leading people to the Lord was a result of joint effort.

As I was handing out broadsides at Keleti station, Carolyne (one of our staff from the U.S.) who came to volunteer with us brought a Jewish woman (who did not speak English) to me. This young woman, Diana, soon opened up and shared with me about her life. I saw that she was ready, not only to give me her contact information, but also to give her life to Yeshua. I offered gently to pray with her, which she accepted gladly. We prayed, then cried tears of joy. Only after Diana had left me with a rejoicing heart did I realize that Carolyne had been walking circles around us praying and interceding for Diana. The Holy Spirit, Diana, Carolyne and me – what a wonderful "yachad"!

Jews for Jesus evangelistic activities do not depend on one person. We have some gifted evangelists, speakers and teachers among us – but the only great name among us is Yeshua, and the great deeds are the results of His Spirit and the efforts of many committed brothers and sisters: people who pray for us, people who support our work financially, people who give their time and energy to volunteer with us in the streets and behind the scenes. How beautiful it is to be together as one!

This year’s Budapest campaign ended with:

  • 83 Jewish seekers having given us their contact information
  • 5 Jewish people making professions of faith in Jesus!
  • 346 Gentile seekers gave us their contact information
  • 34 professed faith in Jesus!
  • The team distributed 188,625 gospel broadsides.

Kata Tar is a missionary with our Budapest, Hungary branch.