In Kata’s article “Together as One,” a volunteer who did not speak Hungarian not only brought a Jewish woman to speak to Kata during this year’s Budapest campaign, but she also remained and prayed during the entire conversation … and as a result, got to see this woman pray to receive Jesus. In “Bits from the Branches,” Barry explains how one of our volunteers began praying as an irate man was yelling at her … and when the man left her and began yelling at Barry instead, she continued to pray. Before long, the man calmed down and had a reasonable conversation. He even agreed to study the Hebrew Scriptures with Barry (though it remains to be seen if this will happen).

So what has that got to do with you? Well, maybe you have had what seems like a “can’t do” witnessing moment that might threaten to derail you. When you find you don’t “speak the language” or even if someone’s negativity is drowning out what you’d like to say, there is one thing you can always do, and that is pray!

God never has a “can’t do” moment. And we don’t have to, either. How many times have you heard, or even said, “All I can do is pray,” as though praying is something we do passively, from a position of powerlessness? As missionaries, we KNOW that our prayer partners are actively bringing God’s power into the divine appointments He makes for us. Believe it, your prayers make a huge difference!