New! Missionary Moments

"Do more," a fitness instructor once told me. "Why?" I asked. "Because if you press through your exhaustion now and lift the weight two more times, it will do more to develop your muscles than all the rest of today’s training." Those words touched me deep in my soul. I was challenged to ask myself, "How does this apply to serving God? How can I personally build my ministry and make it better and stronger?"  – Igor Shelest, Essen Germany branch

"If you meet someone who doesn’t want to listen to the gospel, don’t get upset. There are questions inside of that person that you know answers to. Just pray. And be persistent!"  –  Mikhail (Misha) Vayshengolts, branch leader, Kharkov, Ukraine

"What a comfort to know that we are to God, the fragrance of His Son! (2 Corinthians 2:15) It’s especially helpful to grasp this truth on the ‘front lines.’  It’s essential to understand, with mercy, compassion with a heart willing to break, that those who spit, swear and shout at us, are actually reacting to the convicting message of God, not us. It’s equally essential to understand with all humility that when people who are interested to know more about Jesus, they also are responding to God, not to us."  – Julia Pascoe, branch leader, London, England