December 2013 Newsletter (5774:4)

November 8, 2013

I just don’t know what to get my friend John for Christmas. The guy has everything!

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Jews for Jesus Prayer Prompters

Please pray: for the increased opportunities we have to greet holiday shoppers with the gospel this month as we recruit people for special New Year’s outreaches, particularly for our annual outreach at the Rose Bowl parade/float viewing/game for our upcoming...

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So What? The power of prayer

In Kata’s article “Together as One,” a volunteer who did not speak Hungarian not only brought a Jewish woman to speak to Kata during this year’s Budapest campaign, but she also remained and prayed during the entire conversation … and as a...

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A Change of Plans
Author: Simon L.

Outreach to Hassidic (extremely Orthodox Jewish) communities is a wonderful mystery. Here in London we’ve been accustomed to initiating conversations without our Jews for Jesus T-shirts, making sure to talk about the gospel, but usually not in the first...

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Give thanks to the Lord for He is so good!

It was December 1970, as I sat on the large boulder next to rushing waters at Forest Falls in the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area in Southern California. Only days before, I had experienced salvation in Yeshua (Jesus). Now, as I pondered the implications of that...

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Hello Israel

Hey pet lovers! How do you say “Pets in Israel” in Hebrew? ha-yot mah-mad be-yis-ra-el According to one website,  42% of the adult population of Israel have the following pets: dogs (20%), cats (10%), fish (8%) and birds (4%). Apparently, the most popular...

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Missionary Moments

New! Missionary Moments “Do more,” a fitness instructor once told me. “Why?” I asked. “Because if you press through your exhaustion now and lift the weight two more times, it will do more to develop your muscles than all the rest of...

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Author: Lynn McCoy

OK, I’m just going to say it. I love Christmas. I don’t have a problem, as a Jew, proclaiming that. I admit I have a Christmas tree, I love singing Christmas carols, and if you come to my house in December, you will hear Handel’s...

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Multiply by Two
Author: Anatoly Emma

Anatoly Emma has an amazing testimony of how God is able to double our efforts to share the gospel if we are willing to make ourselves available

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Together as One
Author: Kata Tar

Find out what Kata Tar learned about unity from organizing two witnessing campaigns in Budapest. See photos and learn results from this year’s Budapest Campaign.

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Bits from the Branches

Bits from the Branches intro: Check out our field reports from around the world! This month includes stories from San Francisco, Moscow, Manhattan, Kiev and London. Plus you’ll find a story about cyber evangelism and how our Facebook ministry helped a Jewish person find a “friend” in Jesus!

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A Promise Kept

How do you feel when someone makes you a promise and then breaks it? Depending on the importance of the promise or the person, it might be anything from mild disappointment to a deep sense of betrayal. Or maybe you know what it’s like to be the one who broke a...

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