Excerpted from Moishe’s December 1995 newsletter article, “The Reason for the Season.”

God did not win the destiny for Abraham’s offspring through the might of armies or by the securing of Israel’s borders—but by the birth of a baby. Such a fragile thread from which to hang the heavy hopes and dreams of a people! Yet how consistent it was with God’s promises.

The otherness of God is seen nowhere more clearly than in His choice to become like us. The unfathomable-ness of God is nowhere so deep as in the length and depth to which He brought Himself to be understood by His creation.

And so we should celebrate His Nativity. It’s true that we do not know the particular date of the event. And we might reject many of the trappings—after all, some of them seem to compete for our attention and draw us away from the babe rather than bring us to adore Him. Still, it is important to memorialize the fact that God became man. We need to come humbly before Him with a sense of wonderment and joy, balanced with awe. We need to recall the Nativity as a reminder that grasping for power, position or personal recognition is the antithesis of Yeshua’s Advent.

And as we contemplate His birth, we meditate on that baby as the fulfillment of promise, who yet has promises that remain to be fulfilled. No longer a baby, the Incarnate God is in heaven to intercede for us … but one day He will intercede again in history.

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