San Francisco

Rob Wertheim reports: “Thanks to those of you who prayed for Jeff* after seeing the September newsletter (we told about our witness to him in the ‘Back to School’ article.) He’d been meeting up with many of us on staff, and was even attending church, yet had not taken that step of faith. I’m glad to say that just weeks after the article appeared, Jeff surrendered his life to the Lord at his church. Please pray for his growth and for my ministry to him.”

Carolyne Rohrig reports, “Rob and I handed out 900 broadsides at the outdoor concert of the San Francisco Symphony at City Hall in celebration of its 100th birthday. Hundreds of people were receiving free water bottles, bags of cookies, ice cream sundaes, and of course our broadside, I Love Chocolate. I handed a broadside to a tall, young man in a white tuxedo. He stopped and read it on the spot then said, ‘This is good. I’m a Christian.’ It turned out he is a member of the symphony and he told me there are a number of believers in the group. I asked him to keep the broadside and to pass it on to Michael Tilson Thomas, the symphony’s music director. He said he would.”


Bimini Cohen reports: “David* is a fairly new believer that Oded is currently discipling. We are encouraged that he is already distributing New Testaments and debating with rabbis. However, he recently had a motorcycle accident. Please pray for David’s healing and also for his family to be saved. His children are asking good questions, but his wife, so far, seems indifferent.”


Barry B. reports: “Recently, Kata and I were at Edgware station where we met three Jewish people who were not yet saved but willing to give their contact details. David was friendly, chatty and secular. Udi and Ela, two Israelis on holiday, carried on a bilingual discussion with us in Hebrew and English! They all gave their email contact and I have written to them, inviting them to meet up. Please pray for them.

“At another sortie I met Danny, an energetic young Jewish man who saw my T-shirt and began speaking to me in basic Hebrew. We talked about Israel for a bit, and then about his passion, aikido (a Japanese martial art). I asked if we could meet again to look at the Bible together and talk about Jesus. He agreed as long as he was able to share about aikido! Please pray that God guides his priorities away from aikido and toward the truth of Jesus!

“Before we finished the outreach, I met Johnny, who is Jewish and a former boxer. We’d met a few months earlier and he remembered me! We had another good chat and this time Johnny gave me his contact details. Please pray that he’ll agree to meet with me soon.”


Dina Markova reports: “I was handing out ‘The Only Hope For Peace’ broadside in Duisburg, when a man approached me to ask for a broadside. He then asked, ‘Jews for Christ?’ I replied, ‘Yes. To be more precise, for Jesus.’ He said, ‘What’s the difference? Isn’t it the same?’ I replied, ‘In general, it’s the same, if you mean Jesus Christ, Yeshua ha Mashiach. Christ is Greek for Messiah, or Mashiach in Hebrew. You are Jewish, aren’t you?’ ‘I’m Jewish,’ Simeon replied.

“We talked for a while and Simeon asked how long I had believed in Jesus. I shared with him about what Jesus had done in my life. He agreed to find out more about Jesus as the Messiah of Israel, and gave me his phone number. Please pray for our visit with Simeon to take place, and for him to be open to the gospel and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.”

*names have been changed