The Liberated Wailing Wall

You may know that the Liberated Wailing Wall is our mobile evangelistic music team; but for those who don’t know, the team travels the country in a huge bus, presenting Jewish gospel music, drama and personal testimonies. We sometimes refer to them as our branch on wheels” since they can minister in places where we have no branch or outpost. Isaac Moonzwe, one of our agents who schedules the team, passed on an encouraging note from a pastor in Ohio:

“I just wanted to thank you for coming. Because of your coming a soul gave his life to Christ— he had just been walking down the street and saw the bus. Good luck in your ministry and we pray that you return the next time you are around Cleveland.”

Our next Liberated Wailing Wall team is in training even as we write this—look for introductions in next month’s newsletter. Meanwhile, to see if the Liberated Wailing Wall is coming to a church near you, go to: Choose “Liberated Wailing Wall” and your state from the drop down menus.

San Francisco

Viktor Moiseyenko reports, “I had not called Nick for a few months because he did not seem open to the gospel or spiritual discussion. Yet we know that people change over time, so Rob (our branch leader) and I decided to visit the family. During the visit, Nick’s wife, Katrina, received Jesus as her personal Savior. Regardless of Nick’s seeming lack of interest, she welcomed visits to help her grow in her faith and so Nick began to ‘overhear’ our weekly Bible lessons. Over a couple of months he became increasingly curious about Jesus and the uniqueness of His claims.

“Finally, Nick called and left me a message, asking me to come and help him understand the Bible. His sincere questions were evidence of a changed perspective. I am happy to say that Nick has repented and received Jesus. Please pray for Nick and Katrina, that both will continue to grow strong in the faith.”


Heather Blecher reports, “Our office in Chicago is located in a commercial area. The storefront faces the street and is set up to function as a bookstore. However, it looks a little dated so we have begun the process of redecorating and turning it into a more contemporary coffee house for small group Bible study, outreach events, and fellowship.

“As Becca (one of our volunteers) and I were putting together some tables in the new coffee house, a woman— someone we hadn’t had any contact with or ministry to before—walked in and asked, ‘So what is with this Jews for Jesus?’

“I am so pleased with our very first drop-in to the newly designed storefront! (The name for the coffee house is forthcoming.) Please pray that the changes will continue to draw attention and spark people’s curiosity and that many more will walk in, and ask us questions.”

Tel Aviv

Jeannie Goldstein reports, “Every year I try and organize a Hanukkah party for the children who attend our weekly Bible clubs and last year was no different. We arrived three hours early to set up games and decorate the room with balloons, dreydls (holiday tops) and pictures to tell the story of Hanukkah. We were so excited as the children began to arrive. All told, 68 children and 12 adults gathered to celebrate. What a day it was! We began with an assembly; we sang, heard a Hanukkah message that pointed to Jesus as the Light of the World, and then lit the holiday candles. Afterward, the children moved from station to station to play the games we had set up. It was so much fun to see the joy on their faces!

“As we cleaned up, we praised the Light of the World, Yeshua, for allowing us the opportunity to minister to all these children. We encourage them all year round, but especially at this time of year we want them to see how their walk with the Lord can help them show His light to the world. Please pray that this year will be another good time for the children to enjoy God’s goodness and understand His saving power.”.