December 2008 Newsletter (5769:4)

Awaiting the Day
November 28, 2008

Among my fondest childhood memories is the joyful anticipation as each December day brought us one step closer to the dawn of Christmas morning. That is not a typical memory for a nice Jewish boy from Boston! But I had the privilege of growing up in a Messianic Jewish...

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Meet Our Trainees!
Topics: hanukkah

Deb Dubin, was raised in a secular Jewish home on Long Island where she attended Hebrew school for ten years. When she was seven, Deb went with a friend to church. This raised a question in her mind: why was there a different God for the Gentiles than for the Jews?...

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Author: Ruth Rosen

Hanukkah (which means dedication) is known both as the Feast of Dedication and the Festival of Lights. Mentioned only once in the Bible (John 10:22), it commemorates the victory over the Syrian forces of Antiochus, who had desecrated the Temple and demanded to be...

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Bits from the Branches

The Liberated Wailing Wall You may know that the Liberated Wailing Wall is our mobile evangelistic music team; but for those who don’t know, the team travels the country in a huge bus, presenting Jewish gospel music, drama and personal testimonies. We sometimes...

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