Branch leader Avi Snyder reports, I was handing out ‘broadside’ tracts when a Jewish woman named Miriam approached me with unconcealed excitement. The fact that I identify openly as a Jew who believes in Jesus compelled her to want to know more. She told me that her Jewish father had been killed by the Nazis. Her Christian mother then married a German soldier to protect herself and her young daughter. They survived the war, but all her life, Miriam was raised with great fear. No wonder the Jews for Jesus T-shirt fascinated her.

“We set up a meeting and a few days later I was asking her to read aloud from Isaiah 53. When she finished, I asked, ‘Does that sound like anyone you’ve ever heard about?’

“‘It’s Jesus,’ she replied with no hint of surprise. But her matter-of-fact attitude turned to astonishment when I explained that she’d been reading from the Old Testament, not the New. We worked through the passage carefully, Miriam’s eyes riveted on the page as I explained the Gospel from verses that had been written more than 700 years before Yeshua (Jesus) walked the earth. Finally she looked up. ‘Why don’t our people believe?’ she asked.

“‘Fear,’ I said. ‘But the real question is this: why don’t you believe?’ I invited Miriam to pray with me to receive the Lord, and she agreed. Please pray that Miriam will become grounded in the love of the Lord—the love that casts out all fear.”

Tel Aviv

Shlomy Abramov reports, “I had an appointment with an unsaved Israeli named Yoran and was pleased to find him waiting, on time, at our designated meeting place. He had grown up in an Orthodox family and was hungry for God. He said he had known lots about Yeshua, but could never put together the pieces to understand who He really is. After an hour of discussing and looking at Scripture, Yoran realized that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah and wanted to repeat a prayer after me to ask Him into his heart. Please pray for his growth in Messiah and for me as I disciple him.”

Also from Shlomy: “Several of us participated in a three-day outreach in Acco, which is two hours from Tel Aviv. We recently returned to follow up and were so encouraged. Three people prayed to receive Messiah as Lord and Savior during this follow-up day: Moshe, Naftali and Frieda. Please pray they will all grow in their faith.”


Oded Cohen reports, “I first met Martin, a Jewish man in his 60’s, at the hospital just after he came out of heart surgery. He was glad I was there, even though he was still groggy. He told me about a dream he’d had of Jesus. Martin asked Jesus, ‘Please let me touch your robe.’ But he felt that Jesus ignored him. I have been meeting with Martin ever since.

“During a recent visit, Martin was extremely depressed, lonely and even wishing he had not survived the surgery. He told me that his friends have forgotten him, he is locked in his house and nobody cares. He said, ‘You will see, the phone will not ring a single time while you are here.’ No sooner had he said that than the phone rang. Martin rushed to the phone, excitedly, saying, ‘I made a liar of myself!’ He got two more phone calls during our visit. Between phone calls we were able to talk about the Lord and Martin prayed with me to receive Jesus into his heart. Please pray for him to have an unshakable faith in God’s care and provision for him, and also pray for his healing and finances.”


Sergei Koulakov reports, “Solomon used to attend our Shabbat meetings years ago, but stopped coming when he heard that following Jesus requires changing one’s life and abandoning sin. I recently visited him and saw an emotionally and physically broken person who admitted he was a deep sinner before God and prayed to repent. Please pray that the Lord will lift Solomon and that his faith may be sincere.”