December 2004 Newsletter (5765:4)

Light in the Darkness
December 1, 2004

Have you ever been in a dark room when someone suddenly turns on the light? If you were struggling to see, fumbling to find a switch, you are grateful. But if you were relaxing comfortably in that darkened room, you squint at the sudden onslaught of brightness, shielding your eyes and possibly demanding to know…

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Who Knew? (Jewish Trivia)

In 1800, South Carolina had a Jewish population of 10,000- twice as many as lived in New York City at the time. Bronco Billy, the first movie cowboy, was played by a Jewish actor, Max Aronson. The Confederate cabinet offices of Attorney General, Secretary of War and Secretary of State were each held by one…

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Moishe’s Musings; The Six-Year-Old Scrooge Was Me
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Moishe Rosen

The first grade classroom was a wonderful world of discovery. For example, I discovered I could give my desk or my seat a shove and neither would move—they were bolted to the ground. The walls had big pieces of slate with a shelf at the bottom and they called them blackboards” even though they were…

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Potato Latkes Recipe

Some people pronounce them lot-kahz” and some people pronounce them “lot-keys” but the emphasis is on the “lot” either way, and we think you’ll like them…well, a lot! Latkes, the perfect potato pancakes, are a favorite tradition at Hanukkah. Fried in oil, they remind us of the story of the oil used to rededicate the…

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Bits from the Branches

Essen Branch leader Avi Snyder reports, I was handing out ‘broadside’ tracts when a Jewish woman named Miriam approached me with unconcealed excitement. The fact that I identify openly as a Jew who believes in Jesus compelled her to want to know more. She told me that her Jewish father had been killed by the…

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