December 2003 Newsletter (5764:4)

God’s Christmas Cards
December 1, 2003

Have you finished sending out your Christmas cards for this year? Maybe you are still in the midst of writing them. Or perhaps you are procrastinating, still waiting until the last minute to begin. Have you ever been exasperated by the custom of sending and receiving...

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Do You Remember?

Ed: Last December we had a chart comparing Christmas and Hanukkah and invited you to send us some of the traditional foods you eat at Christmas. Thanks to each who wrote back. I’m sorry we only had space for a couple: Mildred McKeehan of Miami, Florida has...

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About Christmas and Paganism
Topics: hanukkah

Every time we mention Christmas or Easter in this Newsletter, some of our very best friends write us a word of caution, pointing out the pagan origins of these holidays. We do not dispute the fact that there were pagan holidays at these times of year. (The very name...

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Hanukkah: Not for Kids Only

The following is an excerpt from our children’s book, Walk With Yeshua Through the Jewish Year by Janie-sue Wertheim and Kathy Shapiro. In addition to the Bit of Background” and “Digging Deeper” sections presented here, each chapter highlights...

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Jews for Jesus… For the Nations
Author: Rich Robinson

In Genesis 12:3 God promised Abraham that in you all the families of the earth [nations] shall be blessed.” God has fulfilled that promise in various ways, including contributions Jewish people have made in fields such as medicine. However, the blessing has come...

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The BYG* Pic

This month we have campaigns in West Palm Beach, Florida (December 5-22, led by Stan Meyer and Chad Elliott) and in Sydney, Australia (December 1-22, led by Mark Landrum and Bob Mendelsohn). West Palm Beach There are 225,000 Jewish people in the narrow stretch from...

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