Behold Your God Chicago was in its fourth and final week when it happened. Teams of people were handing out gospel tracts on the streets even as the World Trade Center was hit. I was home when it happened, getting ready to go and visit two women for individual Bible studies. I prayed to seek the Lord’s direction and believed I was to continue with the plans already laid out.

When I got to Zena’s home the television was on and she was glued to it. Zena had prayed to receive Jesus as her Messiah 11 months ago. We had just finished studying the book of Genesis and were scheduled to read the second chapter of John together. We read of Jesus’ miracle at the wedding of Cana, but the real issue of the day was how to find the peace He promised us in John 14:27, peace that is different from the kind of peace the world gives.

I pointed out that twice in that chapter we are told let not your heart be troubled. It wasn’t the answer to questions on so many of our hearts, but it was God’s Word…and for Zena, it was a much-needed break from the images the television projected over and over. We prayed and I left for visit number two.

My next stop was at the Aon building in Glenview. I’ve been meeting with Susan, one of the women who works there, for two-and-a-half months. She had just prayed to receive Jesus’ salvation in August. We met, as usual, in the cafeteria, but it was unusually quiet on that day. The company had lost over 100 co-workers just that morning. People were in a state of shock.

Susan was so glad that I had come. We both were profoundly sad. I thought it might help to read John 14 with her, too. I hope that some of her coworkers at the next table overheard us.

I know that time froze for many people on September 11. Some needed to return to their homes, unable to concentrate on work. I was thankful that God had given me people to minister to on that day, thankful that they were willing and able to meet. Sometimes you just have to go on and do what is set before you.

I don’t know what the future holds, but God does. I could not give pat answers to Zena and Susan. I could only tell them what Jesus did and what He said…and pray that He would prepare us all for the future He has for us. I know that He will answer that prayer.