Daniel Goldstein reports, As Dan Sered and I began our first outreach at the Israeli Diamond District in Tel Aviv, we were disappointed that the whole area was empty. We arrived at lunchtime hoping to catch people who were taking a break, but it was [summertime] just too hot for people to be out. We handed out no more than 20 tracts before we decided to move on. A few days later I discovered that a woman who received one of the few tracts we did hand out called us to find out more. Please pray for Sarah as we witness to her, and for more open contacts like her.”

Moshe Shuai reports, “Please pray for three new Israeli believers. Charlie (introduced to me by one of my contacts) recently prayed with me to receive the Lord, and his daughter, Mary, is also very open. Leron came to us through our JfJ-Israel web site and has also been quite open. He recently prayed to receive Yeshua (Jesus) at the congregation I attend after the Shabbat service. And two weeks ago while I was handing out tracts at Dizengoff Center, I met an elderly woman named Meorah who prayed to receive Yeshua into her life right there on the street.”

New York

Amy Etinger reports, “I was calling the list of people who ordered our Survivor Stories video when I reached a woman named Sandra. As it turns out, she is a Jewish woman who had been seeking Jesus for 20 years. After watching the video, one week ago she took her son’s hands in hers and prayed the prayer of repentance and faith, which she read out of the booklet that comes along with the video. She is so excited about finally knowing Jesus and raising her kids knowing Jesus. Please pray for Sandra as she begins her new life in Jesus.”


Igor Barbanel reports, “It was my second visit to Mikhail. Mikhail is a chess master who judges an international chess class. He is an intelligent man with an analytical mind. He didn’t doubt he was a sinner and that he could not change himself. I explained the gospel using the Scriptures, logic and personal story. The Lord touched both his heart and his mind and Mikhail prayed to repent. Please pray for his new faith, and for the salvation of his wife Tamara, daughter Svetlana and son Boris, that all will be saved.”

Los Angeles

Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “In early 1994, Arkady responded to one of our ads in a Russian language newspaper out of New York. He has an important connection as the liaison to many Russian Jewish ‘newcomers.’ I met with him and on May 6, 1994, I gave him a Bible. At our first meeting, his wife Irina was very angry and wanted him to throw me out.

“Lynn Wein [McCoy], Annette Sofaer and a couple of wonderful volunteers were helping to teach English as a Second Language classes back then. Irina became a believer during that time.

“Today, just over seven years from our first meeting, Arkady finally said he was ready to repent and receive forgiveness and salvation through the blood sacrifice of Yeshua. We bowed and prayed together as he finally trusted in the grace of the Lord.”

Also from Tuvya, “Headquarters forwarded me an e-mail from ‘David’ who explained he was giving a fictitious name because he was writing from Saudi Arabia. He has been on a spiritual search for 30 years. Recently, he has been reading the Bible and concluded that Jesus is the Savior. He was planning to be in the United States, and wanted to talk with someone here who could help him. He knew that he would be making the sort of decision that will cost him everything, so he figured Jews for Jesus could help. We arranged to speak by phone after he arrived and the conversation went well. Then I called a pastor friend who heads up the Arab ministry at a local church, and he was able to hook him up with ‘David.’ Please pray for God’s incredible ministry in this Saudi Arabian man’s life.”