December 2001 Newsletter (5762:4)

Hope in a Dark Hour
December 1, 2001

The nation is at war. Cruel men conspire to destroy the peace and security all have enjoyed, and fear and uncertainty tear at the hearts of the people, threatening to undermine the fabric of their society. Many are asking, What will happen to me, to my family and...

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The BYG Pic

This month’s Behold Your God outreach takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, where the Jewish population increases dramatically at this time of year. It is currently summertime in South Africa, and many thousands of people are flocking to the beautiful beaches...

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Ministry in the Midst of Tragedy

The way that publications schedules work, our October and November newsletters were already completed before the events of September 11. Thank you for your prayers for our missionaries in the aftermath of these tragic events. None of our staff in Washington, D.C. or...

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Sometimes You Just Go On
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Lyn Bond

Behold Your God Chicago was in its fourth and final week when it happened. Teams of people were handing out gospel tracts on the streets even as the World Trade Center was hit. I was home when it happened, getting ready to go and visit two women for individual Bible...

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Pigs Off the Altar
Author: Ruth Rosen

This year Hanukkah falls on December 10 through 17. Send your Jewish friends a Hanukkah greeting if you can! Hanukkah, the Festival of Dedication, also known as the Festival of Lights, reminds us of a time when God fought for His people and how they responded. The...

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Bits from the Branches

Israel Daniel Goldstein reports, As Dan Sered and I began our first outreach at the Israeli Diamond District in Tel Aviv, we were disappointed that the whole area was empty. We arrived at lunchtime hoping to catch people who were taking a break, but it was...

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