News flash: We recently came across an article stating that the Jewish population of Portland, Oregon has grown to 25,000. If you saw our special October newsletter you know that 25,000 is the exact number that qualifies a city for Operation Behold Your God. We’ll check out the information, but chances are, that means an additional outreach for us as we plan BYG.

Correction: We just realized that we forgot to list Addis Ababa as one of the BYG cities. Please include the Jewish population of this Ethiopian city in your prayers for BYG.

Millennial Convocation: This month we are having a special gathering of all our missionary staff worldwide. We’ve been looking forward to this Millennial Convocation (MCon) for a year. We’ll be spending two weeks together for prayer, worship, fellowship, study and training as a launching pad for BYG. We’ve got some great Bible teachers coming to minister to us, and the staff has been reading books on spiritual growth, leadership, current trends in society and Jewish studies. Please pray that God will use the time to renew our hearts and prepare our minds for this five year phase of our ministry. Pray that the program prepared for the children of our staff will touch their hearts and help them draw closer to Jesus. Pray that all these efforts will not be in our own strength, but that everything we do during this time will be part of God’s plan to reach the lost with His gospel.

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