1. Where is the story of Hanukkah found?
  2. What is a dreidel?
  3. What is a menorah?
  4. Who was Judas Maccabeus?
  5. Who eats latkes with mayonnaise?
  6. What is a latke?
  7. What does the word Hanukkah” mean?
  8. What is another name for the holiday of Hanukkah?


  1. In the intertestamental writing called “The Book of 1 Maccabees”
  2. A four-sided top inscribed with Hebrew letters that is used to play Hanukkah games. The letters stand for the Hebrew words that recount the “miracle” of the oil—”A great miracle happened there.”
  3. A nine-branched candelabrum
  4. The hero of the Hanukkah story who led his brave band to fight off the Syro-Greek oppressors and recapture the Temple.
  5. Alan Bond (the editor’s brother-in-law)
  6. A Jewish potato pancake usually accompanied by applesauce or sour cream (see yummy recipe on page 7).
  7. Dedication
  8. The Feast of Dedication or The Festival of Lights.